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Dandong Langtou Airport is located in Langtou Town, southwest of Dandong City. Located about 13.7 kilometers from the city center, it is one of the five large airports in northeast China. At present, there have been flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya and Shenzhen. In the airport, you can take a bus to the downtown by paying five yuan. While downtown, you can take bus NO.4, 5 and 19 to the airport. It costs about 30 to 40 yuan to reach the airport by taxi.

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Dandong Railway Station is situated on Shiwei Road at the Zhenxing Area of Dandong City. There are now trains to major domestic cities including Beijing, Quanzhou, Shenyang, Tsitsihar, Qingdao, Dalian and Changchun. In addition, express trains equipped with air-conditioner run between Dandong and Shenyang. The transnational lines from Beijing to Pyongyang stop at Dandong every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

You can take bus NO.3, 20, 21 and 24 to the Dandong Railway Station.

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Dandong Long Distance Station is located at Shiwei Road NO.98 on the diagonal across from the railway station. As an important long distance station in northeast China, it is the traffic hub connecting China and North Korea.

Not only are there buses to the counties and cities in Liaoning Province and around Dandong City, but also some coach buses to cities outside of the province including Beijing.

Public Bus

The urban area of Dandong, while not very large, is crossed by over 20 bus lines. You can get to the main areas and many scenic spots in the urban area by bus, most of which charge one yuan. A Yalu River IC card will make it convenient for you to travel around Dandong by bus.

The Yalu River Sightseeing Bus is there to make it easier to have a general idea of the tourist spots in Dandong City. The double-decker Sightseeing Buses is covered by a sun-shading cloth on the second floor, and is a convertible. The route of the bus starts from the Hekou Scenic Area in the east and goes to the Dadong Harbor in the west. It runs on Yalu River Avenue, reaching main tourist spots such as Jinjiang Mountain, Yalu River Park and The Commemorative Museum of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea. At present, there are buses from Tiger Mountain Scenic Area to Wenan Tan. Tourists can buy a ticket with which they can go back and forth.


The starting fare of the taxis in Dandong City is five yuan for two kilometers. Two yuan more will be charged every kilometer or every five minutes of waiting. Taxis charge the same at night. You can also bargain with the driver and set a price instead of paying by the meter.