Buying Gifts/Souvenirs in China

We give our customers some suggestions on traditional Chinese souvenirs to take home for their friends or the family when traveling to China. If you are interested in them, you can tell your travel advisor when confirming a tour or buy them in a store or a factory with the help of local guides.

Note: The price range shown below is just for reference. It may vary according to the style and size.

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Chinese Qipao - Tailor made for you!

Chinese Qipaos are well known for their elegance and distinctive style. During your visit to Beijing or Shanghai, China Highlights Travel will take you to an experienced tailor who will make this elegant traditional Chinese Qipao to your measurements and requirements. They will be able to make minor changes to the pattern such as the collar and give you options in the colour of the fabric & buttons so that you get just what you want. This could be the highlight of your trip.

Price Range: $80-100

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A Chinese Knot

The Chinese Knot is a national handicraft with long history and profound cultural connotations. Totally hand-made, and given a name in tune with its shape and implied meaning. Different knots or other special adornments conveys the idea that the artist wishes to express. Examples are - "Full of joy". "Happiness & Longevity", "Double Happiness", "Luck and Auspiciousness" which are Chinese traditional expressions of warmest regards & best wishes.

Price Range: $8-15

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Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascot Fuwa Dolls

Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascot Fuwa Dolls, officially named the Five Friendlies or Fuwa are cartoon depictions of a fish (named Beibei), panda (Jingjing), Olympic flame (Huanhuan), Tibetan antelope (Yingying) and swallow (Nini). The five elements of nature-sea, forest, fire, earth and sky can be found in the mascots’ origins and headpieces. They are stylistically designed to show the influence of Chinese folk art. The five creatures are colored in the five hues of the Olympic rings.

Price Range: $20-40

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Guilin Paper Fan

These hand-painted, decorative paper fans are one of the best souvenirs to take home from Guilin and Yangshuo, where locals specialize in this ancient art. Guilin paper fans are well-known for their quaintness and colorful designs.

Price Range: $8-15

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Replica of Terracotta Warrior

China’s Terra Cotta Warrior museum is regarded as the World’s Eighth Wonder. The warriors and horses displayed in that museum are amazing. This replica of Terra Cotta Warriors is a reproduction of the famous soldiers at the tomb.

Value: $50-150

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Batik Art

Ethnic groups that live in southwest China’s Yunnan and Guizhou provinces are very silled in the art of batik. This traditional skill dates backthousands of years and it has evolved over centuries. These beautiful batik art are done through multi-step progress. This Batik with its deep blue dye is very sought after by visitors. The material is used for wall hangings, dresses, purses and much more.

Price Range: $10-60

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Beijing Opera Mask

Beijing Opera masks are painted in the colors of red, purple, black, white, blue, green, yellow, dark, red, gray, golden and silver to represent different stereotype characters. Having evolved from the totem in ancient time, this pattern of facial make-up has the artistic function of portraying the varying characteristics of the characters in the opera. They enable the audience to get a glimpse of the inner world of the actors and actresses through their symbolic facial make-up. Beijing Opera Facial Make-up is the product of fine artisanship, has become part of the masterpiece of Beijing Opera over thousands years.

Price Range: $10-100

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Su Embroidery

Suzhou Embroidery is one of the four major embroidery schools in China. It is renowned for its rich stitch varieties and exquisite craftsmanship. Kittens and goldish are common motifs. With 48 embroidery techniques and over 5,000 different colored silk threads, Suzhou embroidery is unique needlework. Its double-faced embroidery is particularly outstanding.

Price Range: $80-300

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Chinese Paper Cutting

Paper cutting is a distinctly Chinese traditional art which has a, history as old as paper making. The main tools for paper cut are very simple, a pair of scissors and a piece of red paper. The themes of the paper cut are varied and include everything from the simple things in daily life to the landscapes. Much of the charm of the paper cut comes from the exact cuts and ingenious patterns.

Price Range: $10-30

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