Dengfeng Food

Dengfeng Dinning

Chinese Style Baked Roll (焦盖烧饼)

The brown Chinese style baked rolls produced in Dengfeng, also named Jiaogai Shaobing (焦盖烧饼), feature exquisite workmanship, crisp outside and soft inside. Their main ingredients are natural wheat flour and white sesame seeds. On the surface coated tasty white sesame seeds. Jiaogai Shaobing has become one of the most representative local foods in Dengfeng.

Songshan Vegetarian Food

Songshan vegetarian food uses natural soy products, edible fungus and vegetables as its main ingredients. It features freshness, tenderness, flavor, and crisp

Recommended Restaurants

Yongtai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant (永泰寺素斋馆)

Yong Tai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant has a long history with its delicate and unique vegetarian food. Its dishes use fresh and natural soy products, edible fungus and vegetables as their ingredients. Visitors can enjoy authentic vegetarian food in Yong Tai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant.

  • Location: Songshan Yong Tai Temple (3 kilometers away from Saolin Temple)
  • Tel: 0371—62748757
  • Tax: 0371—62749589

New Century Hotel (新世纪大酒店)

New Century Hotel is a four-star standard luxury hotel located at the foot of Songshan Mountain. It serves buffet and a variety of Chinese food.

  • Location: No.103 Shaolin Road, Dengfeng (登封市少林路103号).
  • Tel: 0371-62855166

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