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Dingri Transportation

Dingri or Tingri is at Shigatse Prefecture of Southern Tibet. It is often used as a base by mountain climbers preparing to ascend Mount Everest of Himalaya. Dingri is approximately 60km north-west of Mount Everest and just over 50km from the Nepali border in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.


Dingri is close to the Lhazê County in northeast; connecting to the Nepal in the south. From east to west, the county is 96km long, 108km wide south to north. It is 244km far from Shigatse. The Sino-Nepal Highway (National Highway NO. 318) passes through the county. From Lhasa to Shigatse to Dingri to Mount Everest Base Camp, there are no buses or coaches available. You need to rent a four-wheel drive (recommended) in Lhasa or Shigatse, because it is difficult to find cars in other places along the way.