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Topic From: China Tourist Maps
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I would like to visit the terracota army while in China in Beijing and Nanjing. Which is the closest city to the site I will have only the weekend of March 21-22.

Asked by Marisa Scolnik on Feb. 21, 2015
Cecilia Peng (Feb. 24, 2015) replied:
Hi Marisa Scolnik, It is easy for you to visiti the terracota army from Beijing rather than Nanjing; for your information, it takes aorund 6 hours from Beijing to Xi'an by high-speed train, while it takes around 9 hours from Nanjing to Xi'an by bullet train. Hope it helps! Cecilia
Topic From: Shanghai Travel Tips
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Hi, we are planning to go to Shanghai and Beijing on November 20 to 25,2014. What type of clothing should we bring along.

Asked by Jhoya on Oct. 18, 2014
Doris Huang (Oct. 20, 2014) replied:
Dear Jhoya, Thank you for your reply. According to the historical data, the average temperature in Beijing is 10℃ to 0℃, and in Shanghai is 18℃ to 8℃. Please bring some warm clothes such as down jacket and sweater.
Topic From: Beijing Facts
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How to go to Peking University from Beijing Airport at midnight?

Asked by Joe on Sep. 1, 2014
Lussie Lu (Sep. 2, 2014) replied:
It is so late the shuttle buses are not available. I suggest you'd better take a taxi to get to Peking University directly. It is about 35km, it costs about CNY100/US$17 per car.
Topic From: Beijing Weather in September
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Hi Iam planning a trip to Beijing can you tell me where I can find cheap quality fabrics and factory to make clothes

Asked by dee on Sep. 1, 2014
Lussie Lu (Sep. 2, 2014) replied:
Ruifuxiang Silk Clothes Shop (瑞蚨祥) is a good store. Beijing's Ruifuxiang Silk Clothes Shop opened in 1893, selling silk, wool fabric, cotton cloth, fur, and Chinese style clothes. Clothes made to order are the specialty of Ruifuxiang, famous for their materials and great tailoring. Here, tourists can choose the fabrics and wait for the clothing to be made. Location: No. 5, Dashilan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 2.