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Topic From: Embassy and Consulates of The United Sates Of America in China
1 Answer

We have a business traveler currently in Xiamen, China. She has advised that she lost her China Exit Card. Please advise what she needs to do to get a replacement China Exit Card. Thank You!

Asked by peggy adams on Feb. 20, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 21, 2014) replied:
Hi Peggy, please consult the entry and exit office or the Public Security Bureauin Xiamen. They will tell you how to deal with it.
Topic From: Beijing Shopping
1 Answer

hi I need child clothes store in the Beejing. I buy any more clothes.

Asked by nina on Feb. 19, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 20, 2014) replied:
Hi Nina, sorry, we don't have those information. We are a travel agency. If you need any tour service, please feel free to contact me.
Topic From: Great Wall Sections
1 Answer

Which part of badaling is better? I''m trying to decide which bus to take if I want to go up the pully or the cable car?

Asked by Marian on Feb. 16, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 17, 2014) replied:
Hi Marian, each part is good. To take the pully or the cable car, it depends on your interest.
Topic From: Beijing Weather in March
1 Answer

we will be traveling to Beijing March 14 to 22,2014. We understand that the weather will still be cold. Would you recommend dressing in layers being that the temperatures vary during the day? I have heard that there may be sand storms. Can you say how bad they may be and if you think that they may affect sightseeing? Thank you. Would appreicate any other advice you can give for traveling to Beijing in March.

Asked by Ronald Morgan on Feb. 15, 2014
Carol Wang (Feb. 16, 2014) replied:
 As you know the temperature is very during the day, it is hard to estimate the weather condition in March. We can only take the record in 2013 for reference. In last March  temperature is about 0 °C  to 10 °C . You are suggested to bring winter close. As to the sand storm, you may click the link to see some picture of sand storm in Beijing. http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm=-1&cl=2&nc=1&word=%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%AC%E6%B2%99%E5%B0%98%E6%9A%B4&ie=utf-8  
Topic From: Weather in China
1 Answer

Hi is 11 apr 2014 to 18 apr 2014 a best period to visit beijing and shanghai. Needed advice on China temperature and climate during mentioned period. Is it still in winter season to bring winter clothing

Asked by Yifang on Feb. 14, 2014
Christy Luo (Feb. 15, 2014) replied:
Hi, April is high season to visit China. The temperature is about 8℃-20℃. It is warm at day time but still cold in the morning and dark. Please take thick coat, jackets and sweater especially when you travel with children or senor citizens. Good Luck.   Christy
Topic From: Beijing International Flights
1 Answer

I arrive at T2 at 09:55 and my internal flight leaves at 12:45 from T3. Should this be enough time. It is not a transfer as I bought a seperate ticket from Beijing onwards.

Asked by Andy Kidd on Feb. 14, 2014
Christy Luo (Feb. 15, 2014) replied:
Hi,   Usually we recommend our clients leaving at least 3 hours for airport transfer. Your time is enough but very tight.  You can take free shuttle bus at No.11 gate on the first floor at T2 to T3, about 20 minuts. So after take your luggage, quickly move there.   Good Luck.   Christy
Topic From: Chinese Lantern Festival
1 Answer

Where can I enjoy lantern festival in Beijing today, feb 14th?

Asked by tahina on Feb. 13, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 14, 2014) replied:
Hi Tahina, you can enjoy it in the shopping centers, the squares, the parks, etc. Have a nice day!
Topic From: Winter Travel in China — Top China Winter Destinations
1 Answer

Hi, I live in Beijing and looking to go for a tropical weekend either in CHina or close by, direct flight only. So that rules out Xishuangbana etc. but do you have any suggestions or recommendations for travel in March? Many thanks

Asked by alex on Feb. 11, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 12, 2014) replied:
Hi Alex, inside China, I recommend Sanya and Hong Kong to you. Outside China, Thailand and Malaysia are recommended.
Topic From: China Visas
1 Answer

hi, I am from the philippines. i am booked for a trip to beijing on April 3 to 7 with 5 other friends. I know visa is required. But are bank account documents necessary when we apply for visa? We already have passport, form, income tax return form, certificate of employment, flight and hotel booking tickets. thank you very much

Asked by khanum leonardo on Feb. 10, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 11, 2014) replied:
Hi Khanum, sorry, we are not able to help you with this. Please consult the China Embassy in your country.
Topic From: Great Wall of China Facts
1 Answer

what is it like to be the one who built the GREAT WALL OF CHINA. I mean do you know who built it in the first place, it''s just amazing to be the workers or the one who had thought about building the GREAT WALL! If anything do you happen to know any other famous cites in china, I mean know BEIJING is famous and all but anything else. Oh, one last question do you know if CHINA is DANGEROUS! Or, is it sweet where people have peace and quite especially in school. Do they have a good education or, do they not. But that depends what there up to in their school work you know what they are really up to. Some kids have trouble focusing, but sometimes it can be the teachers fault! Well bye thank you for letting me ask all these questions!

Asked by aliyah lopez on Feb. 10, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 10, 2014) replied:
Hi Aliyah, it was the inteligent Chinese people built the Great Wall. China is safe to come and the Chinese people are warm hearted and friendly. Now more and more Chinese people are well educated in international. Don't worry, and welcome!
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