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I will be visiting Guilin On Nov 15 thru the 17th. What will the weather be like then. What type of clothes will be suitable then? Thank you

Asked by Judy on Oct. 28, 2010
Mia Yang (Oct. 28, 2010) replied:
Hello. It is not very cold in Guilin in November, but you might as well bring sweater and a overcoat. Temperatures are expected to be 6-20 degrees celcius, big difference between day and night. Wearing layers would be practical for taking on and off. If you plan to take Li River cruise, it is quite windy on the cruise along the river, so you might as well put a thick overcoat on.
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How's the weather in December in Guilin?

Asked by Raj on Oct. 28, 2010
Mia Yang (Oct. 28, 2010) replied:
Hello Raj. It is expected to be cold and windy in Guilin, temperatures are at 7-12 degrees celcius. sweaters, overcoats are needed. Water level at Li River lowers, and the Li River cruise might be shortened, so I suggest that you take a hiking trip along the Li River, which offers pretty scenery. If you have further inquiries or need tour services in China, feel free to send us an email to service@chinahighlights.com, our travel advisors will reply within 24 hours.
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Hi, i am visit guilin in mid nov, what is the weather like? Will the typhoon Megi affect guilin e.g. heavy rain?

Asked by mrs tan on Oct. 28, 2010
Ruru Zhou (Oct. 28, 2010) replied:
Hi, Mrs Tan, Now, we have very cold weather (around 10c at night and 15c during day time). It is quite windy. People have put on layers. The typhoon Meji has gone and it did not affect Guilin. Weather in Guilin in Middle November is cold and windy. You need to bring layers. It may rains at times.
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What isl the weather forcast for Xian this Nov 8,9, &10th. What isthe weather forcast for the Yangzee River this Nov. 11.12.13, & 14th? Weather forcast for Guilin Nov 15 & 16th?Weather forcast for Hong Kong this Nov 17, 18, & 19th?

Asked by Cathy Young on Oct. 21, 2010
Carol Wang (Oct. 21, 2010) replied:
Weather is hard to predict. I suggest you a website below so that you can check China weather. It is a forecast for next 7 days. Normally the temperature in November is probably 5℃-8℃(41℉-46.4℉) low than that in October and the air will be wet. http://www.weather.com.cn/en/weather/101110101.shtml
Topic From: Guilin Food and Restaurants
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I will be visiting Guilin soon, can i know where to find Halal food (food without pork).

Asked by Kathleen Toh on Oct. 21, 2010
Ruru Zhou (Oct. 21, 2010) replied:
Most Islamic restaurants in Guilin are located in the Ximen (West Gate) Bridge area. You can take bus No. 22 from the railway station or No. 26 from the city center to get there. Recommended restaurants are as follows: Anhua Restaurant, or Anhua Shifu (安华食府 means Anhua (probably someone’s name) Food House) Address: 9 Minzhu Road Tel: 0773 3831570 Fax: 0773 5810667 Branch Address: 9 Qixing (Seven Star) Road Tel: 0773-5810960 Guilin Islamic Restaurant, or Guilin Yisilan Fandian (桂林伊斯兰饭店) It is owned and run by the Islam Association of Guilin and five mosques. It belongs to all the Muslims in Guilin and provides high quality food. Address: 55 West City Walking Street (Xicheng Buxingjie), Guilin Tel: 0773-2819737 Contact: Mr Ma Chengrong Chaozhen Dian (朝真殿 means Dynasty True Palace) Address: close to Ximen (West Gate) Bridge Yahefu Xinjiang Restaurant, or Yahefu Xinjiang Fandian (牙合甫新疆饭店) Address: close to Ximen (West Gate) Bridge
Topic From: Guilin Scenery Tourism Festival 2010
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Can tap water be consumed in Guilin. If it is first boiled can it be consumed then?

Asked by James O''Don on Oct. 15, 2010
JamesO (Oct. 16, 2010) replied:
Thankyou for your reply Kevin.
Kevin Ma (Oct. 15, 2010) replied:
Hi, I suggest you drink the bottle water. We provide our travellers water everyday. Thanks for visiting our website. KevinMa
Topic From: Guilin Weather
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Hi, I will be visiting Guilin on 31 Oct 2010 till 4 Nov 2010. What will be the weather? What type of cloths suitable to wear for this visit? Thank you.

Asked by ting on Oct. 15, 2010
Candy Wei (Oct. 16, 2010) replied:
Hi Ting, I wish I could give you the accurate weather information in Guilin in November, the information I am certain is an average data made based on last year, the average temperature in November in Beijing is 15 degrees (lowest) and 24 degrees (highest). You should bring warm jackets and coats if you easily feel cold. Hope it is helpful to you. You can also check the updated information before you leave for Guilin, there is a chart to show live weather data in the future four days from today on, http://www.chinahighlights.com/weather/
Topic From: Harbin Weather in October
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Which is the best time to visit Guilin.

Asked by Shirley on Oct. 11, 2010
Nero Hou (Oct. 11, 2010) replied:
Hi Shirley Though Guilin is suitable for traveling all year round, and Li River has its beauty in all four seasons, the most popular time is from April till October. Thank You
Topic From: Guilin Weather in December
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Hi, I am planning for a holiday with my family on 2nd week of December. How's the weather there ??

Asked by Jenny Yap on Oct. 7, 2010
Nancy Deng (Oct. 8, 2010) replied:
Hi Jenny, The average temperature of December is around 8℃-15℃. You’d better bring warm sweater and coat with you. I see that you are going to have a holiday in Guilin. As a travel adviser, I am happy to design your unique Guilin tour according to your family’s interest. You could click this link http://www.chinahighlights.com/guilin/tours.htm to get more information of Guilin tours and please feel free contact me at nancy@chinahighlights.net if you have any question or request. Nancy
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I would like to visit Guilin or thereabouts and stay with a Chinese family to reduce my expenditure and for the expereince.. I could teach the family English. I would happy if someof them could then stay at my house in Dover in southeast England near to France and 130 kilometers from london. I wish to go hiking and cycling - at the age of 78 years young. Any ideas or comments welcome.

Asked by Ron Chatburn on Oct. 5, 2010
Candy Wei (Oct. 6, 2010) replied:
Hi Ron, I'd love to recommend the following websites to you, they have just got the information you are looking for. Good luck to you! http://www.friendteacher.com/ http://www.couchsurfing.org/mapsurf.html Candy at China Highlights
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