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Topic From: Putuoshan Island and Putuo Mountain
1 Answer

Hi. How much is it for the ticket from Shanghai to Putuoshan? Ferry and speedboat.

Asked by David on Apr. 17, 2014
Lussie Lu (Apr. 17, 2014) replied:
Dear David, The ferry sets off at 19:30pm, arriving at Putuoshan at 6:30am the next day. There are seven kinds of rooms. The cost is CNY139/US$22, CNY159/US$26,CNY199/US$32, CNY269/US$43, CNY289/US$46, CNY449/US$73, CNY499/US$80. You could take a speedboat at Xiaoyangshan pier. The ship company will arrange a bus at Nanpu bridge long distance bus station(上海南浦大桥长途客运站). The bus sets off at 8:15am every day and the boat sets off at 10:10am, arriving in Putuoshan at 12:30pm. The cost is CNY258/US$42, CNY302/US$49.
Topic From: Top Things to Do in Shanghai
1 Answer

My wife and I, both 67, will be in Shanghai 18 to 23 May and in Hangzhou 24 to 26 May. We would like to hear Chinese classical music, see a Chinese opera, go to a Chinese circus and visit cultural attractions. Could you give us some advice, please?

Asked by Wolfgang on Apr. 10, 2014
Lussie Lu (Apr. 11, 2014) replied:
Dear Wolfgang, Here are some options for you. Shanghai: Shangcheng Acrobatic Show(acrobatic), Shanghai Grand Theatre(opera), Shikumen(Shanghai folk houses), Zhujiajiao Ancient Town. Hangzhou: Impression West Lake, Ancient Village Wuzhen
Topic From: Top Things to Do in Hangzhou
1 Answer

I would like to take a trip to Daming Mountain from Hangzhou. What are my options of getting there?

Asked by Alvin on Apr. 8, 2014
Lussie Lu (Apr. 9, 2014) replied:
Dear Sir or Madam, You could take a bus to Linanfrom Hangzhou west bus station(杭州汽车西站), located at No.357 Tianmushan Road(天目山路357号). It takes about half an hour. Then take another bus from Linan tourist center to Daming Mountain. It takes about one hour. There are many buses everyday.
Topic From: Shanghai Weather in April
1 Answer

We will be arriving in Shanghai by overnight sleeper train from Xian. We need to transfer to Hangzhou. I understand we would have to change railway stations, so I am wondering if it would be better to just take a taxi from the railway station straight to our hotel in Hangzhou. We are 4 people. What do you think?

Asked by Sue Allen on Apr. 2, 2014
Lussie Lu (Apr. 4, 2014) replied:
Dear Sue Allen, There are two trains from Shanghai railway station, setting off at 18:08pm and 8:08am. If you could book these train, you don't need to change the railway station. If these can't suits your need, you could go to Shanghai long-distance bus station(上海长途汽车客运总站) which is near Shanghai railway station for taking bus to Hangzhou directly. The buses are available from 7:00am to 19:40pm. It takes about 3 hours.
Topic From: Hangzhou Attractions
1 Answer

Hi. How do we travel from Hong Qiao Shanghai Railway Station to JinMa International Hotel (not palace)? What is the approximate duration?

Asked by Mich on Mar. 27, 2014
Lussie Lu (Mar. 27, 2014) replied:
Dear Mich, You could take a train to Hangzhou railway station or Hangzhou east railway station, which is far from Jinma International hotel. It is more than 10 km. You could take Line 1 subway to Xianghu station(湘湖站)(around half an hour), then take a taxi to the hotel(round 15 minutes, CNY20/US$3 per car).
Topic From: Top Things to Do in Beijing
1 Answer

Hello. I am planning to visit beijing this weekend from Hangzhou.Maybe reach saturday afternoon an leave on sunday or Monday.I want to see great wall,tiananmen square,forbidden city and the summer palace. What do you suggest?I am on a very tight schedule

Asked by ankita on Mar. 24, 2014
Lussie Lu (Mar. 25, 2014) replied:
Dear Ankita, The is the itinerary for your reference. Day 1 The Great Wall and Temple of Heaven Tour (need to spend a full day) Day 2 The Forbidden City,Tiananmen Square and the Summer palace Tour(need to spend a full day) If you would like to visit these spots, I suggest you leave Beijing after 17:00pm on Monday.
Topic From: Shanghai Bus Transportation
1 Answer

i want to go jiangyin city . i am in changzhou how i move

Asked by Mithalal on Mar. 23, 2014
Whitney Liao (Mar. 24, 2014) replied:
Hi Mithalal, there are direct buses from Changzhou Bus Station to Jiangyin, with very good frequency.
Topic From: Hangzhou Weather in March
1 Answer

I am visiting Hangzhou on 14 of march, how is the weather?

Asked by JACK LEE on Mar. 7, 2014
Nancy Deng (Mar. 8, 2014) replied:
Dear Jack, According to the information I check, there will be cloudy on March 14 and the temperature is around 4℃ to 14℃. It is highly suggested that you bring umbrella since March is Spring time and lot of rains durnig Spring. Nancy
Topic From: Huangshan Transportation
1 Answer

Hi, which bus I should take to go to taiping from Hangzhou? where I can see the timetable?

Asked by shierlly on Mar. 4, 2014
Doris Huang (Mar. 4, 2014) replied:
Dear Shierlly, Thank you for the inquiry. There is only one bus from Hangzhou to Taiping, and it departs at 6:20 in the morning, the price is CNY112 per person. Depart from Hangzhou West Bus Terminal Station(杭州汽车西站), it takes about 4 hours to get to the Taiping Station. Hope this would help.
Topic From: Top Things to Do in Hangzhou
4 Answers

I''ll be going to Hangzhou on 21 March with my family. Kindly list out muslim restaurant with local delicacies around it''s town.

Asked by Nor on Mar. 3, 2014
Whitney Liao (Mar. 23, 2014) replied:
Hi Nor, yes, our service includes transport if you need it. Please kinly let me know what we can do for you, we are happy to offer any assistance.
Guest (Mar. 22, 2014) replied:
Hi Miss Liao, We are at Sheraton Hangzhou, Wetland Park. Is your service included transport?
Whitney Liao (Mar. 5, 2014) replied:
If you need any tour service, please feel free to contact me.
Whitney Liao (Mar. 5, 2014) replied:
Hi Nor, please check here for Muslim restaurants in Hangzhou: http://www.chinahighlights.com/hangzhou/restaurants/muslim-restaurants.htm
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