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Topic From: Harbin Weather in October
1 Answer

Which is the best time to visit Guilin.

Asked by Shirley on Oct. 11, 2010
Nero Hou (Oct. 11, 2010) replied:
Hi Shirley Though Guilin is suitable for traveling all year round, and Li River has its beauty in all four seasons, the most popular time is from April till October. Thank You
Topic From: Harbin Weather in December
1 Answer

what is the last year in 2009 weather in December ? can anyone reply me ASAP...

Asked by the person want to know on Sep. 30, 2010
Kevin Ma (Oct. 1, 2010) replied:
Hi, It snowed some days in Dec last year. The average temprature is -18℃. Thanks for visiting China Highlights.com. Have a nice day. KevinMa
Topic From: Ask a Question
1 Answer

Dear friends Winter Jackets & ski pants I will be travelling to Harbin in December 2010. Need to know when to get big sizes Winter Jackets & Ski Pants in Harbin. Chest size about 56 cm and waist line at 44 inchs. Pls enlighten me where to purchase the above items once I reach Harbin. Currently, I do have my own winter sets but I need to obtain more big sizes in Harbin. Thanking you in advance.

Asked by patoric on Sep. 12, 2010
Jean Fu (Sep. 13, 2010) replied:
There are many skiwear shops in Harbin and it is easy to find what you need at these shops. The most recommended one I knew from internet is Banshang Skiwear shop. Here is its contact number 0451-86037620. If you can speak Chinese, please contact it at this number. In fact, every ski resort has skiwear to be hired. It is more cost-effective to rent such wears at the ski resort.
Topic From: Siberian Tiger Park
1 Answer

why do siberian tigers look so alike like regular tigers...?

Asked by melissa candelario on Sep. 7, 2010
Ruru Zhou (Sep. 8, 2010) replied:
You have asked a hard question. You can probably read more information on siberian tigers on wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_tiger) and find answer to your question.
Topic From: Harbin Travel Guide
1 Answer

Hi, can anyone tell me how much is it to go to Vladivostok from Harbin? Is Vladivostok a nice place to go? Thank you.

Asked by Maheran on Aug. 20, 2010
Michael Hu (Aug. 21, 2010) replied:
You can take a flight from Harbin to Vladivostok. The estimate airfare would be US$420 per person. Vladivostok is a classic Russia City, beside the beach. Russia's Pacific Fleet is parked in the waters off the coast of Vladivostok, in Golden Horn Bay. A walk along the waterfront on Korabelnaya Embankment offers the closest views; to get any closer, you'll have to enlist.
Topic From: Harbin Transportation
1 Answer

From where in Harbin leaves the bus Harbin-Vladivostok, and where can I buy tickets?

Asked by Guest on Jun. 23, 2010
Mia Yang (Jun. 24, 2010) replied:
Hi. You can take a bus at Nangang Long Distance Bus Station (南岗客运站) . Tickets to Russia are sold on the second floor.
Topic From: Q&A on Sun Island
1 Answer

Will be flying into Shanghai what is best way to get to Sun Island resort

Asked by brendon jan on Jun. 7, 2010
Mia Yang (Jun. 7, 2010) replied:
Hi Brendon. On which airport will your flight land? There are 2 airports in Shanghai, one is Hongqiao International Airport, and the other is Pudong International Airport. These two airports are far away from each other. Sun Island Resort is located in Zhujiajiao Water Town, in suburban Shanghai, 45 klometers from city center. The most convenient way is by Taxi, or have a travel agent arrange pick up and transfer services. Or you can first get to Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center (上海旅游集散中心) located at No 666, Tianyaoqiao Road(天钥桥路666号), where there are buses available to Zhujiajiao Water Town.
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