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Topic From: Kunming Shopping
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where can I buy flowering tea in kunming?

Asked by SS Tan on Aug. 8, 2011
Gavin Van Hinsbergh (Aug. 10, 2011) replied:
You could go to the largest tea market in Yunnan and look for flowering tea: http://www.arrivalguides.com/en/Travelguides/Asia/China/KUNMING/shopping : “Kangle Tea Culture City The largest tea market in Yunnan. Pu’er Tea is best known to be good for the stomach and Yunnan is its birthplace. Apart from the native brews, it also sells the vast array of Chinese tea leaves from other provinces. A recommended tea shop is Chama Station ? Address: NO.188, Guannan Avenue, Chama Station 4th Floor, Building 38 of the Tea Culture City ? Phone: +86 871 7154 777” Alternatively there are several Kunming blooming tea manufacturers and traders shown on Alibaba (http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?SearchText=kunming+blooming+tea&CatId=0&IndexArea=product_en&sq=y&fsb=y&tracelog=seo_product_direct_0820), e.g. Guangnan Kaixin Eco Tea Industrial Development Co., Ltd. http://kxst.en.alibaba.com/ Kunming Kanaking Trading Co., Ltd. http://kanajin.en.alibaba.com/ NO.1003, Unit 3, 7th Building,Yinhexingchen Garden, Shangjiaying Village,Beishi District, Kunming City, Yunnan Prov.China Kunming Evengle International Trading Co., Ltd. http://evengle.en.alibaba.com/ No.601,907-2 building, Yiyuan residential community, Kunming,China Hope you find what you’re looking for, Gavin
Ruru Zhou (Aug. 10, 2011) replied:
Hi, SS Tan, There are two big tea markets in Kunming Kangle Tea City (康乐茶城) and Xiongda Tea City (雄达茶城) Kangle Tea City: 188 Guannan Road, Kunming (昆明市官南大道188号) Xiongda Tea City: It is located close to Jinxing flyovers, Panlong district. 盘龙区金星立交桥附近)
Topic From: Dongchuan Red Land
3 Answers

Want to go to Dongchan Red lands around November 22. Is that a good time for taking photo's ? Are there any hotels near or in the Red Lands ? Thank you for your help

Asked by Andre on Aug. 6, 2011
Guest (Nov. 3, 2011) replied:
Hi Candy, The plan is now finished and we would like to go to The Red Lands on Friday 25 November early morning and returning the next day in the evening. 2 Persons only. Would it be better to rent a car with driver for 2 days or go by bus and hope we will arrive in the right place ? We think the tours we read about on the Internet are VERY expensive . Any suggestions ? Thank you and best regards
Guest (Aug. 7, 2011) replied:
Thank you Candy for your reply. We will contact you once we are in Kunming
Candy Wei (Aug. 7, 2011) replied:
Hi Andre, November is one of the best months to go to Dongchuan, in this area only home inns are available. Mr. Zhang is the boss of the most famous home inn, he could be reached on 0871-6901339 though I don't think he could speak English. You can take a bus from Kunming to Dongchuan in about 2.5 hours, take another bus to Xinchuan in about 1.5 hours and contact Mr. Zhang to arrange another vehicle to Red Lands. If you want to make it easier, we offer private vehicle and guide service too. Feel free to let me know your group size and I will quote on the transfer for you without delay.
Topic From: Kunming Nightlife
1 Answer

I will be in Kunming in Oct.. Any single clubs where i can meet couples and single women for fun ?

Asked by ahmed on Jul. 22, 2011
Gavin Van Hinsbergh (Jul. 24, 2011) replied:
The most popular clubs in Kunming seem to be The Hump Hostel area, The Camel Bar and Aoma Meili Bar. There are also Speakeasy and Cobra Disco, which may be more current favorites. All of these are happening nightlife scenes and there should be plenty of singles and couples there, although none of them are specifically advertised as singles clubs. We hope you enjoy your time in Kunming in October!
Topic From: Kunming Travel Guide
1 Answer

I have 4 persons who wish to play golf in Kuming and lichiang in Sept. Kindly advise any packages.

Asked by Dex Lee on Jul. 12, 2011
Karen Yang (Jul. 13, 2011) replied:
There are 8 golf clubs around Kunming, so which clubs do you want to go? I recommend 2 (Dianchi Golf and Spring City Golf ) with 18 holes each. I also have sent you an email with detailed information. Karen
Topic From: Kunming Weather in August
1 Answer

What are possibilities of rain in the second week of August in Kunming

Asked by Piti S. on Jul. 2, 2011
Lussie Lu (Jul. 4, 2011) replied:
Dear Piti S., Based on the former data, the temperature is about 17-27°C. It's possible to rain as it's in the rainy reason. You'd better to check the new information on this website before leaving for kunming. Click here:http://www.weather.com.cn/en/weather/101290101.shtml
Topic From: Kunming Weather in June
1 Answer

I plan to go to Kunming and li cian on 26Jul to 2aug this year. will it be raining everday? is it a bad time to go ?

Asked by yeong on Jun. 23, 2011
Lussie Lu (Jun. 25, 2011) replied:
Dear Yeong, Based on the former data, the temperature is about 20-26°C. It's a rainy season in July and Augest, it usually rains. In september and October the weather is good for travel.
Topic From: Kunming Regional Map
1 Answer

which location in the above map is 1) stone forest 2) daichi lake 3) spring city golf club 4) lakeview golf club

Asked by robertgan on Jun. 21, 2011
Karen Yang (Jun. 22, 2011) replied:
Stone Forest is 90km southwest of Kunming city Spring City Golf Club is 50km southwest of Kunming city Dianchi and Lakeview Golf is in city with 20-30 minutes drive from the downtown. I sent you an email with map. Karen
Topic From: Kunming Regional Map
2 Answers

Hi there, I want to visit kunming. My friend lives in Chuxiong, 120 KM west of Kunming. What is the easiest and cheapest way to go to Chuxiong from Kunming?

Asked by Sharif on Jun. 16, 2011
Michael Hu (Jun. 17, 2011) replied:
If you and your friend need any land service in Yunnang,feel free to contact me.
Michael Hu (Jun. 17, 2011) replied:
Hi Sharif, The easiest and cheapest way to go to Chuxiong from Kunming is taking bus, about 2 hours. It costs 60 RMB. You can take the bus at Kunming Nanyao passenger station. The telephone number is 0871-3510739. You can also take train to Kunming, which is cheaper. But it takes about more than 4 hours.
Topic From: Tengchong Weather
1 Answer

Hi ,i am canadian , and i am retired ,now i am in nanning , the weather is too hot for me,i don,t like hot or cold weather ,and cost me lots money every 2 months go to macao or Hk to have new visa , i don,t like village, i like to live in modern and clean cityand beautiful park or lake in yunnan ,a city small than kunming ,i have visa for one year ,but every two months i have to leave china to to aboard to have new visa,i like my city not to be very far from aboard ,i like river montain too , please wich city in yunnan you think i can live ?. thanks for information , have a good day . David

Asked by David on Jun. 15, 2011
Nero Hou (Jun. 20, 2011) replied:
Hi David Our travel advisor Simon Huang(http://www.chinahighlights.com/community/user/18/) has contacted you. Thanks for your support.
Topic From: Kunming Attractions
1 Answer

I am a malaysian planning to visit kunming and chengdu in nov.2011 ,please give some travel advice,weather ,hotel and tour. thanks

Asked by T.h.ling on Jun. 15, 2011
Nero Hou (Jun. 20, 2011) replied:
Hi T.h.ling Our travel advisor Nancy Deng(http://www.chinahighlights.com/community/user/301/) has contacted you. Thanks for your support.
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