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Topic From: Kunming Weather in January
1 Answer

what is the weather in january

Asked by syiraa on Sep. 23, 2010
Nancy Deng (Sep. 24, 2010) replied:
Hi Syiraa, The average temperature is 1℃(33.8℉) - 15 ℃(59 ℉) in January in Kunming. It is advisable to bring warm coat, sweater during that time. Please feel free contact me at nancy@chinahighlights.com if you need any tours, hotels and transfer in Kunming or other cities in China. Nancy
Topic From: Jianshui Ancient Town
2 Answers

Hello Any bus timetable from Jianshui ( departure time ) to Kunming ( arrival time ) ie the 1st bus and the last bus ( sleeper bus ) ? Thanks

Asked by kschoo on Sep. 18, 2010
Mia Yang (Sep. 18, 2010) replied:
Hello. Every day there are about 20 buses go from Jianshui to Kunming, the bus ride takes about 3 hours. The first one leaves at 7:30, and the last one leaves at 20:30. They are sleeper buses, but conditions are just passable. The above time is for reference only, you need to check at the bus station.
Nancy Deng (Sep. 18, 2010) replied:
Hi Kschoo, The buses from Jianshui to Kunming usually operate from 8:30AM to 5:00PM every day. These buses are private owned and buses depart Jianshui till them collect enough passengers. Nancy
Topic From: Hi,im planning to bring my family to KunMi...
1 Answer

Hi, im planning to bring my family to shanghai in march. My flight reach at Hangzhou xiaoshan airport, so is the airport to shanghai very far? We will be staying in Gran Melia Hotel in Pudong. Does the airport provide any shuttle or transport to my hotel?

Asked by sandy on Sep. 18, 2010
Grace Wang (Sep. 19, 2010) replied:
Hi Sandy, There is no shuttle bus from Hangzhou airport to Gran Melia Hotel in Pudong. You may take the airport shuttle bus to Hanzhou city and then take the train to Shanghai. Or you may take a taxi to Shanghai directly. It takes about 3 hours driving from Hangzhou airport to Pudong hotel. If you need us to arrange you a private transfer, please send me a mail at grace@chinahighlights.net and tell me your arrival date and flight number.
Topic From: how long doest it take to go to Great wall...
1 Answer

Is it possible to mail me the e-mail address of the front office manager of these hotels.....1) Hna hotel,300Huancheng west Road,Kunming,P.R.C #650032....2)Hotel Jin Qiao International.Guang Qumen,2nd Ring road,Beijing.

Asked by Alok Roy on Sep. 18, 2010
Jean Fu (Sep. 19, 2010) replied:
Sorry that we haven't their email address. You can call the hotel to ask the email address. Here are their phone numbers: +86 871-4158888 and +86 10-67137788
Topic From: Kunming Attractions
1 Answer

Hello, What half day tours can I take from Spring City Golf resort? Would like to play one round of golf and then do some sight-seeing. What attractions are within 30 minutes of the golf resort?

Asked by Salma on Sep. 16, 2010
Cindy Feng (Sep. 17, 2010) replied:
The Dragon Gate carved on the cliff is close to the Spring City Golf Club. Half day will be enough. You can take taxi there. If you need us to make the arrangements, the cost is US$65 per person based on a group with at least 2 people including guide service, vehicle transfers and entry fees & one way cable car ride. Email me if you need us to make arrangements: cindy@chinahighlights.com
Topic From: Iam visiting kunming on october 2010. do I...
1 Answer

how long doest it take to go to Great wall of Badaling side or any other part where I dont have to use staircases since I have knee joint problem and I cannot climb tthru staicases?

Asked by Alok Roy on Sep. 11, 2010
Mia Yang (Sep. 13, 2010) replied:
Hello Alok, You can take cable cars at Badaling Great Wall, they can take you to the top of the mountain, so you don't need to climb the Badaling Great Wall by yourself. When you get off the cable car at the top, you can walk around there, admire the scenery, then go back down again taking the cable car. If you need tour services in China, feel free to send us an email to service@chinahighlights.com, our travel advisors will be glad to help and reply within 24 hours.
Topic From: Iam visiting kunming on october 2010. do I...
1 Answer

what is the english interpretor charge for whole day in Kunming and Beijing?

Asked by Alok Roy on Sep. 11, 2010
Jean Fu (Sep. 12, 2010) replied:
Cost for normal car rental (8 hours, within the city area) is around CNY600; cost for English interpretor is about CNY200 per day (8 hours) , but in Beijing, cost for interpretor may be more expensive (about CNY400 per day). The prices may be different due to differenet cases. If you want to visit some sites out of city, such as Stone Forest in Kunming and the Great Wall in Beijing, there will be some extra cost for the car. If you like us arrange the car and guide for you, please email me with your travel schedule. Book a comprehensive travel package will be cheaper than you book these items separately.
Topic From: Ask a Question
0 Answer

I'd like to travel by Nankun line to Kunming. If I'm coming from Guilin via Nanning to Kunming which train do I catch in Guilin? and do I need to transfer trains in Nanning? Can I book tickets online for the trip on the Nankun line from Guilin to Kunming?

Asked by chappy on Sep. 10, 2010
Topic From: Kunming Transportation
1 Answer

Did anyone go up to Dali recently? I heard the road is under construction and it takes 8 hours to arrive Dali from Kunming instead of 5 hours.

Asked by Mary Ong on Sep. 9, 2010
Nero Hou (Oct. 15, 2010) replied:
Hi Mary The construction is from July 4th to Sep 4th. It is getting better now. Thank you
Topic From: How the Price By Bus from Nanning to Kunmi...
1 Answer

Is there a bus from Kunming to Nanjing?

Asked by ND on Sep. 9, 2010
Mia Yang (Sep. 10, 2010) replied:
Hello, Kunming and Nanjing are very far away. There is no bus. If you take train (K156), it takes almost 48 hours! So it is suggested that you go by air. You can search and book flight tickets at (http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-flights/) If you need tour services, feel free to send us your inquiry to service@chinahighlights.com, our travel advisors will reply within 24 hours.
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