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Topic From: Lijiang Weather
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We love Lijiang! We are a senior couple and we want come to Lijiang from Novmber 2nd. to 11th. What type of clothes shall we bring? Is it cold already than? Thanks in advance to everybody who answers.

Asked by Ferdinand Dorner on Oct. 12, 2010
Cindy Feng (Oct. 13, 2010) replied:
In November, Lijiang is with winter weather. The temperature is about 11℃/18℃. Most of the days are sunny days. Coat and sweater is recommended.
Topic From: Shangri-la Seat-In-Coach Tour (Winter Program)
1 Answer

Hi, I would like to know the quotation of the tour code YN-6. My estimated travel date will start at November 2nd. and we are two person Thx.

Asked by Yekta Erdem on Oct. 11, 2010
Lee Li (Oct. 11, 2010) replied:
Hello Yekta, I will send a detailed itinerary and quotation to you about half hour. Regards Lee
Topic From: Ask a Question
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Hi, I would like to visit Lugu Lake in early December, travelling from Chengdu. Which would be the best route there? Via Xichang, Panzhihua or Lijiang? From Lugu Lake I would go to Lijiang. Is the road OK at that time? Thanks for your onward advice.

Asked by Sam Foo on Sep. 21, 2010
Leon Long (Sep. 22, 2010) replied:
It is a good option to travel to Xichang then to Lugu Lake, you can fly or take train to Xichang from Chengdu. there is bus from Xichang to Lugu Lake daily. The road is OK in Dec.
Topic From: Tiger Leaping Gorge
1 Answer

Would it be safe to trek Tiger Leaping Gorge in early Dec? What would be the weather like at that time?

Asked by Sam Foo on Sep. 20, 2010
Leon Long (Sep. 21, 2010) replied:
It is Ok to trek Tiger Leaping Gorge in early Dec. The temperature is around 10 centigrade and there is no rain.
Topic From: Question & Answer
1 Answer

Hello ! In Ocotober, I will travel to Yunnan, first, Kumming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangrila. Do you know a good driver and guide in each city. No agency, please. Thank you.

Asked by Helene Bissuel on Aug. 31, 2010
Tracy (Sep. 1, 2010) replied:
Dear Helene Bissuel, Thanks for visiting our website, my name is Tracyduan, a travel advisor at China Highlights. We can offer you a private English speaking tour guide and van in each city. The fee for your personal guide and driver is about CNY1080(US$160)per day. If you need any help, or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. My phone number is 13788580735, email address is Tracyduan@chinahighlights.com
Topic From: Kunming Weather
2 Answers

Hi. I should be arriving to Yunnan within a weak, according to the flight I booked from Beijing to Lijiang. However, I am doubting wether I should forget about the trip, since I have been reading the news about the flood in Yunnan and I am starting to get worriede. I would like to visit Lijiang, Kunming and Dali, and maybe the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Is it a good idea, or would it be better to forget about it given the current conditions? Thanks!

Asked by German on Aug. 23, 2010
Lee Li (Aug. 23, 2010) replied:
Hi, I think it is fine to visit Yunnan, we do not get any information from our local agency in Yunan regarding to the effect of the flood. Please feel free to contact us if you need any arrangement or help of your Yunnan tour. Have a nice day! Lee
Mengfei (Aug. 23, 2010) replied:
Hi! I was in Yunnan about 2 1/2 months ago, and I loved it! I am not sure what the rain condition was now, but I know the big storm in June missed Yunnan completely. I spend a week in Lijiang and a day in Dali, so I can't say I know the place well, but Tiger Leaping Gorge is currently under construction and only a portion (the leaping tiger portion) of the park is accessible (a few km of hiking trail). Supposedly the scenery is better seen from the opposite side, but if you only want a taste of the place, it is still worth a trip. Hope that helps!
Topic From: Scenic city & Yangtze River Gold Experience
2 Answers

air is included from ewr ?

Asked by miriam on Aug. 22, 2010
Mia Yang (Aug. 23, 2010) replied:
If you want to book this tour, or have some special requirements for this tour, we can also tailor-make a tour for you. Feel free to send us your inquiry and requirements to service@chinahighlights.com, our professional travel advisors will reply to you within 24 hours.
Mia Yang (Aug. 23, 2010) replied:
Hello. This tour includes flights and transportation within China, so it does not include flights from EWR. We also suggest that you book international flights by yourself in your country, because air fares are lower from the departure country.
Topic From: Horticulture Expo Garden
1 Answer

how far is Kunming world expo to train station - Kunming Lijiang? Is it easy to get a taxi from expo to train station? What are the programmes at nite at Kunming world horticulture expo?

Asked by Ms Choo on Jul. 22, 2010
Michael Hu (Jul. 23, 2010) replied:
It is easy to get a taxi from the Expo to train station. It will takes about 30 mins and cost RMB50 for cab fee. There is no any activities in the Expo Area. It is looks like an empty garden. Tourists are unable to enter into the area after 18:00 and the Expo area will be closed after 20:00. So I do not recommend it to you. You can go to Shanghai for the current World Expo.
Topic From: Ask a Question
1 Answer

Thanks, Mia, for your help. Is there a bus schedule I can look at to see what time buses leave from Lijiang bus station (to Kunming)? And is there a way to book it in advance? And do the overnight buses have bathrooms on them?

Asked by nicki baman on Jul. 6, 2010
Mia Yang (Jul. 7, 2010) replied:
Hello Nicki, I couldn't find a bus schedule, but buses are frequent, one departs at every half hour. For night buses, you can catch one departing at 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30 or 20:00. You can go to the bus station and buy one on your own. Or you can buy 1 or 2 days before you want to go. If you book a Kunming or Lijiang tour package with us, we can arrange our local tour guide to buy the ticket and have it delivered to your hotel. (For tour packages, refer to http://www.chinahighlights.com/citytour/complete-china-city-tours.asp). There are no bathrooms on the bus, it might have 1 or 2 stops somewhere on the way. But if you take a train, there are bathrooms on the train.
Topic From: Kunming Transportation
1 Answer

I would like to go from Lijiang to Kunming on an overnight bus. How long is the bus ride and is it easy and efficient to figure out?

Asked by nicki Baman on Jul. 6, 2010
Mia Yang (Jul. 6, 2010) replied:
Hello Nicki, It is very convenient to go an overnight bus from Lijiang to Kunming, which takes about 9 hours. You can take bus at the bus station. You can also take a train from Lijiang East Railway Station to Kunming, which takes about 10 hours. Train K9608/K9605, departs at 22:12, arrives at 07:22.
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