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Topic From: Shanghai Shopping
1 Answer

i will be coming to shangai in May this year, i want to get wholesale wedding gown and want to know hotels nearest to the markets and how much it costs per night

Asked by susan on Feb. 19, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 21, 2014) replied:
Hi Susan, sorry, we don't have those information. We are a travel agency. If you need any tour service, please feel free to contact me.
Topic From: Chinese Embassy in Kenya
1 Answer

I am a Kenyan traveling thru Shanghai for 40 hours. Do I still need a visa?

Asked by Michelle on Feb. 17, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 18, 2014) replied:
Hi Michelle, yes, you need a China visa in advance.
Topic From: Macau Visa
1 Answer

Hi, i am colombian passport, i think to travel for Shanghai to Macau in flight, Can i get visa in Shanghai Airport or upon arrival at airport of Macau?

Asked by Lext Jonny Pinilla on Feb. 16, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 16, 2014) replied:
Hi Lext, sorry, as far as I know, you need both the China visa and the Macau visa in advance. If you have doubt on it, please consult the China embassy or consulate in your country.
Topic From: Shanghai Bus Transportation
1 Answer

I want to get a long distance bus from central shanghai which will take me to Zhongyangmen long distance bus station in Nanjing - which bus station in Shanghai should I go from ? Thanks

Asked by Deborah on Feb. 16, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 16, 2014) replied:
Hi Deborah, it is from Shanghai South Bus Station.
Topic From: Weather in China
1 Answer

Hi is 11 apr 2014 to 18 apr 2014 a best period to visit beijing and shanghai. Needed advice on China temperature and climate during mentioned period. Is it still in winter season to bring winter clothing

Asked by Yifang on Feb. 14, 2014
Christy Luo (Feb. 15, 2014) replied:
Hi, April is high season to visit China. The temperature is about 8℃-20℃. It is warm at day time but still cold in the morning and dark. Please take thick coat, jackets and sweater especially when you travel with children or senor citizens. Good Luck.   Christy
Topic From: Shanghai Travel Guide
1 Answer

Please advice me for a good hotel in Shanghai having inside good Indian food availability. You may suggest a list of 4 to 5 hotel with accommodation room rent in Indian Rupees for ease of taking decision.

Asked by Ghanshyam on Feb. 12, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 13, 2014) replied:
Hi Ghanshyam, sorry, we don't have those hotels recommended to you.
Topic From: Suzhou Shopping
1 Answer

Some years ago I visited a silk factory in Shanghai and bought a silk duvet. Now I want to buy another one but I don''t know the name of the factory. Could you give me the email address of any silk factories that would send me a duvet by post? I live in South Africa and probably won''t be able to visit the beautiful city of Shanghai again.

Asked by M Goodspeed on Feb. 10, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 11, 2014) replied:
Hi Goodspeed, I recommend this factory to you. Tianhou Silk Factory : Tianhou Silk Factory is a multi-function shopping mall containing silk traders, restaurants and heath care. It showcases Chinese silk products of all types including silk bedding and silk clothing. This is a popular place for looking for special, quality souvenirs. Tel: 021-34314176 Address: No.308, Hongjing Road, Shanghai But sorry, we don't have their email address.
Topic From: Top Things to Do in Shanghai
1 Answer

We are coming to Shanghai for a cruise to Japan, we are looking for idea of somewhere to go for a few days before arrival.... have been to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok so those are out... next ideas?

Asked by Ron on Feb. 8, 2014
Doris Huang (Feb. 8, 2014) replied:
Dear Ron, Thank you for your inquiry. May I know how many day do you have in Shanghai? Usually we recommend 1 day within Shanghai, and spend 2-3 days in the near cities such as Hangzhou and Suzhou. Hangzhou is famous for the West Lake and the water town Wuzhen. Suzhou is famous for classical Chinese gardens. I would love to tailor made a tour for you, do you mind to let me know your travel date and the number of people? Regards
Topic From: Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival
1 Answer

Hi, I am in Shanghai during March 2014. Is there a peach blossom festival I can visit?

Asked by Lynn on Feb. 8, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 10, 2014) replied:
Hi Lynn, usually there will be, if the weather is warm enough.
Topic From: Shanghai Area Map
1 Answer

travel to giad in shangai

Asked by NISAR YUSUF KUPE on Feb. 8, 2014
Whitney Liao (Feb. 8, 2014) replied:
Hi NISAR, where is "giad", please? Are you planning a Shanghai tour? If yes, please kindly let me know the number of people, class of hotel, starting date and duration, then I will send you a detailed quotation, okay? Thanks!
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