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Topic From: Beijing Weather in April
1 Answer

We plan to visit Beijing on 7th of April 2014, and then proceed to Xian and Shanghai. We also plan to visit the "Great Wall of China". Later, we plan to visit Hong Kong and Macau. What type of clothing do we need to take? We are currently living in the Southern part of India where the temperatures are 29-22 deg Celcius. Kindly advice as we both are Senior Citizens. Are we likely to face "Sand Storms" while visiting the Great wall? Are we likely to experience snowfall? Kindly advice.

Asked by V.Krishnan on Jan. 21, 2014
Cecilia Peng (Jan. 22, 2014) replied:
Hi Krishnan, In April Beijing, long sleeves will be OK in most of the time and taking a coat for the evenings is recommended. The temperature is 13-18 degree Celsius, you will have no chance to see the snow then. Sand Storms is been governed in recently years, I think you will not meet Sand storms then, but I can't guranteen, good luck! Regards, Cecilia
Topic From: Harbin Map
2 Answers

Dear sir, just want to quick check, what the best way to travel to harbin from shanghai on this coming November?

Asked by NK Kung on Jan. 19, 2014
Whitney Liao (Jan. 21, 2014) replied:
If you need any tour service, please feel free to contact me.
Whitney Liao (Jan. 21, 2014) replied:
Hi NK, there are high speed train and flights. You can decide which one to take.
Topic From: Yichang Transportation
1 Answer

I am travelling to china in october and would like to know the best way to get from shanghai to Yichang we will be travelling on the 26th and need to be there by 6pm

Asked by Leonard Franks on Jan. 18, 2014
Whitney Liao (Jan. 21, 2014) replied:
Hi Leonard, there are bullet trains and flights from Shanghai to Yichang. The bullet train takes about 8hrs, and the flight takes about 2hrs.
Topic From: Weather in China
1 Answer

Hi, I am taking a trip to China in May. I will be going to Beijing,Xian,Guilin,Shanghai and Hong Kong. The dates are May 10-May 25. Can you please tell me the weather of each city at this time of the year? Thank you.

Asked by Novella Koplan on Jan. 16, 2014
Whitney Liao (Jan. 18, 2014) replied:
Hi Novella, it is the beginning of summer at this period of time in China. The average temperature among those cities is from 14℃-18℃(57°F-82°F). The weather is comfortable. Summer clothes such as T-shirts and skirts will do.  A pair of sunglasses and sunscreen are also suggested. I also sent you an itinerary for your reference. Please check it. Any questions, please feel free to let me know. I am happy to offer any assistance. Best regards, Whitney
Topic From: Beijing Weather in March
1 Answer

In spring in Beijing or Shanghai, I am somewhat limited by back problems and probably cannot walk for more than two or sop miles? Is there an area in either or both cities where I can see many interesting this without a great deal of walking? I am not yet sure of where I am staying.

Asked by jon on Jan. 13, 2014
Whitney Liao (Jan. 14, 2014) replied:
Hi Jon, both Beijing and Shanghai have lots of interesting things to see and do. We can arrange a private tour guide and van for you, then you don't have to walk much. What do you think? Please kindly let me know what you are interested in and how long will you stay in China. Then I will send you a detailed itinerary for your reference, okay?  Regards, Whitney
Topic From: Shanghai Food
1 Answer

Good morning, i am from Malaysia, i would like to discover shanghai china end of this April 2014 with my lovely wife I know where are restaurants that serve halal food for MUSLIM? and Which HOTELs that serve halal food for MUSLIM?

Asked by wazirudin on Jan. 12, 2014
Lussie Lu (Jan. 13, 2014) replied:
Dear Wazirudin, We don't any information about this at present, so I found some options on line as below for your reference. 1.Bayi Restaurant(巴依餐厅), No.1 Hongqiao Road, Xujiahui District(徐家汇虹桥路1号) 2. Silk Road restaurant(丝绸之路大饭店), No.777 Quyang Road, Hongkou District(虹口区曲阳路777号) 3. Muslim Restaurant(伊斯兰教餐厅), No.2035 Sichuan North Road, Hongkou District(四川北路2035号) 4. Hubing restaurant(湖滨美食楼), No.59 Yu Garden Road(豫园路59号) 5. Muslim Restaurant in Mingzhu Hotel(明珠大饭店清真餐厅), No.212, Zhaojiabang Road(肇家浜路212号)
Topic From: The Yellow Mountain Hiking
1 Answer

Hello which route is best if we would like to leave from shanghai and take advantage of the walking experience but also are limited to three days , do we have the opportunity to sleep on the mountain / outside ? We can do it between February - May when is the best time ?

Asked by Martina Belloni on Jan. 10, 2014
Nancy Deng (Jan. 11, 2014) replied:
  Dear Martina, There are direct 12 hours overnight trains or 1 hour flight between Shanghai and Huangshan (Yellow Mountain). If you only have 3 days, you still can hike parts of the mountain and sleep on the mountain as well. The best time for hiking is after March. Nancy
Topic From: Guangzhou Location Map
1 Answer

Hi, we are planning to travel to Macau, Shanghai & Beijing sometime in March on a Swiss passport, do we need to have a visa for these 3 places? Thanks

Asked by Wilma Bachofner on Jan. 9, 2014
Lussie Lu (Jan. 10, 2014) replied:
Dear Wilma, You could enjoy visa-free access to Macau for 90 days, but you need to apply a China visa to visit Beijing and Shanghai in advance.
Topic From: Changsha Transportation
1 Answer

I would like to take a bus to either Changsha or Zhangjiajie, from either Shanghai, Suzhou or Nanjing on January 25, 26 or 27. Is this possible? How do reserve a ticket?

Asked by Nathan Golden on Jan. 9, 2014
Whitney Liao (Jan. 13, 2014) replied:
Hi Nathan, there are bullet trains from Shanghai or Nanjing or Suzhou to Changsha, you can buy train tickets at any railway station. The tickets are available 20 days before departure.
Topic From: Dates to Avoid When Planning a China Tour in 2013/2014
1 Answer

Do you provide straightforward transfers between the cruise ship docks and Shanghai hotels, we arrive in Shanghai by cruise ship mid October this year?

Asked by John Murray on Jan. 8, 2014
Whitney Liao (Jan. 12, 2014) replied:
Hi John, yes, we are happy to offer you this service. Could you let me know the number of people in your group, the exact date you will arrive in Shanghai and your hotel name or address, please? I will send you the quotation after your further information, okay? Thanks, Whitney
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