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Topic From: Shenzhen Maps
1 Answer

Hello, I need to know how long we take by ride from Muslim Hotel Shenzhen to railway station ?

Asked by Zee on Aug. 15, 2013
Nancy Deng (Aug. 15, 2013) replied:
Dear Zoe, It takes 10 minutes from Muslim Hotel Shenzhen to Shenzhen Luohu Railway station, cost around CNY16-20 by taxi. Nancy  
Topic From: Shenzhen Shopping
1 Answer

I plan to visit shenzhen in a very near future. Can you kindly recommend me best places in term of good prices for items like clothes for men and women?

Asked by sim on Aug. 14, 2013
Doris Huang (Aug. 16, 2013) replied:
Dear Sim, Thank you for your inquiry. Per the clothes wholesale markets in Shenzhen, Dongmen area (Dongmen commercial pedestrian street in Luohu District) is recommended. This area is the most bustling wholesale area in Shenzhen, every morning around 3 am, people start to stock clothes. There are many wholesale markets in this area, among them the Baima Wholesale Market is the most famous one. There are clothes of men, women and children and all kinds of bags and suitcases. Hope you have a good time there! Doris
Topic From: Kaili Transportation
1 Answer

What''s the best way to get from Shenzhen to Kaili?

Asked by Bob Lauterborn on Aug. 14, 2013
Ruby Zhao (Aug. 14, 2013) replied:
You can take flight from Shenzhen to Guiyang. From there, you can rent a vehicle or take bus to Kaili, which takes about 2 hours.
Topic From: Shenzhen to Hong Kong Transportation
1 Answer

We are ten people we want a trip from hong kong to a hotel in Shenzhen by bus. Is that possible?

Asked by Alhajri on Aug. 14, 2013
Simon Huang (Aug. 14, 2013) replied:
Yes, there is bus from Hong Kong to Shenzhen every day. You may book the bus ticket from your hotel in Hong Kong. Alternatively, you may take the MRT to Shenzhen. Just find a near station and transfer to the right line according to the map in the station. It is very convenient.
Topic From: Window of the World
1 Answer

i am planning to go from macau to window of the world. what is the best way? ferry or bus? we are 4 how much it will to hire guide thanks.

Asked by roxy on Aug. 13, 2013
Christy Luo (Aug. 14, 2013) replied:
Ho Roxy, Our call free number is 1-800-2685918. China’s country code is 0086. We have Shenzhen one day tour. Are you interested in it? Here are some tours on website http://www.chinahighlights.com/shenzhen/tours.htmWe can customize a tour for you. I have sent you an email. Please check it when you are free. Christy
Topic From: Shenzhen Shopping
1 Answer

Hi I wanted to buy clothes for woman and children more for summer season. If I am planning my trip to go Shenzhen on 5 October 2013, will they start selling lots of winter clothes already?

Asked by Yvonne on Aug. 12, 2013
Lily Guo (Aug. 13, 2013) replied:
Thank you for your inquiry,  Guangzhou is a better shopping city than Shenzhen, the shops will sell seasonal clothing mainly, some shops sell winter clothing, but not many.
Topic From: Guangzhou to Shenzhen Transportation
1 Answer

Is there a connecting train from Bao''an airport to Guangzhou East station ? How much is the fares & how long is the journey ?

Asked by Karl Tan on Aug. 9, 2013
Lussie Lu (Aug. 9, 2013) replied:
Dear Karl, There is no direct bus or train from Bao`an airport to Guangzhou East station. I suggest you take Line 2 shuttle bus to Shenzhen rail station at first( around CNY20/US$3), then take a bullet train to Guangzhou East station(around CNY80-100/US$13-16, 1 hour). There are many trains to Guangzhou every day.
Topic From: Shenzhen Attractions
1 Answer

hi i am planning to go to shenzen for 1 day in sep. Please tell me about the places to visit[not the theme parks,beaches,temples,art galleries and malls].places should not be very far from each other.Do tell me about the mode of transportation also I am interested in shopping also Do we get vegetarian food there? thanks

Asked by ruchika on Aug. 4, 2013
Whitney Liao (Aug. 8, 2013) replied:
Hi Ruchika, I recommend  Window of the World and Dongmen Commercial Center to you. For the mode of transportation, you can choose from metro, public bus and taxi.  There are vegetarian food around.
Topic From: Shenzhen Long Distance BusStations
1 Answer

Hi, I would like to travel from Hong Kong (preferably from Kowloon or Lantau Island) to Panyu, Guang Zou and back. I am open to travel by long distance bus, train or ferry. What would be the cheapest route? Thanks!

Asked by Sasha on Aug. 3, 2013
Lussie Lu (Aug. 4, 2013) replied:
Dear Sasha, I suggest you go to Hong Kong airport at first, then take a bus to Panyu directly. The buses are available from 7:30am to 20:45pm. It takes about 3.5 hours and it costs about US$41 per person. Please click this link to check the details: http://www.hongkongairport.com/CBT/Itinerary?actionType=list&locale=eng&locType=t&locCode=py&arr_dep=D&locations=-PY&operation=&deptDate=&schehr1=00&schemin1=00&schehr2=23&schemin2=59
Topic From: Guangzhou to Shenzhen Transportation
2 Answers

i want to to go from shenzhen to guangzhuou baiyun airport what is timeing for train late night

Asked by umesh jain on Jul. 29, 2013
JoeDADA (Jul. 31, 2013) replied:
last train from Shenzhen Station to Guangzhou East Station leaves at about 22:30. Last train(underground) to Baiyun Airport from Guangzhou city center leaves at about 23:00. You should arrange the schedule basing on your air ticket.
Lussie Lu (Jul. 29, 2013) replied:
Dear Umesh, There is no direct train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou airport. Youn need to take a train to Guangzhou railway station, then take other transport to the airport. I suggest you take a bus from Shenzhen Baiyun Airlines Building(八卦岭) where is located at No.618 of Baguayi Road(八卦一路618号). The latest bus sets off at 17:30pm, it takes about 3 hours and the cost is about CNY90/US$15 per person. Please click this link to check the details: http://www.gbiac.net/en/jtzy/citybus/shenzhen
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