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Topic From: Maglev Train
1 Answer

Dear Sir/MadamI would like to go to Suzhou in maglev train from Shanghai. Please advise me the train schedule and fare.Thank you.

Asked by Lisa Chew on Apr. 12, 2012
Peter (Apr. 12, 2012) replied:
Hi, the maglev train in Shanghai only goes from Longyang Road to Pudong Airport. You cannot take the maglev train to Suzhou. I advice you take the bullet train or traditional train. You can check the train schedule and fare at sub web of chinahighlights.com: http://www.shanghaihighlights.com/shanghai-train-schedule/search-result.asp
Topic From: How to Buy Train Tickets in China?
2 Answers

I arrive into shanghai PVG on the 26th of october. Is there anywhere at PVG that i can buy my ticket for the next day from shanghai to beijing.? i have read there is a ticket office to do this at the Longyang Road station is this ticket office in the station where the Maglev train comes into or is it in the station for the Longyang Road metro line ? as I was reading you have to exit the maglev station and go outside into the longyang metro station to take metro line 2 . i was reading it was next to exit number 2 to at Longyang Road but it does say which Longyang Road station it is. Also do you know the opening hours of this ticket office? and can I purchase my ticket for the 6th of Nov for xian to Suzhou the z sleeper train at this office at Longyang Road?Also I will spend a few hours in Suzhou would it be safe on the day to purchase the suzhou to hangzhou at the station in suzhou or do they sell out quickly?Thank you

Asked by Nicole on Apr. 8, 2012
Guest (Apr. 11, 2012) replied:
hi Lussie Lu thank you for your reply
Lussie Lu (Apr. 9, 2012) replied:
Dear Nicole, You can buy the train ticket at ticket office which is near Longyang road station. You can take Maglev train or Line 2 subway to get there. The working time is from 8:00am to 18:00pm. If you can't find this office, you also can take Line 2 subway to Hongqiao railway station directly to buy the ticekts. In general, the tickets will be issued 7-12 days before the departure date. There are many trians from Suzhou to Hangzhou every day, it is easy to purchase the ticket. You can buy it on the day.
Topic From: Lingering Garden
1 Answer

I have limited time to tour Suzhou. If you have to choose only one garden in Suzhou due to time constraint, which one do you recommend? Thanks.

Asked by Siriwan kriengkrairut on Mar. 24, 2012
Mercier Zeng (Mar. 26, 2012) replied:
Hi Siriwan, if you just have a little time, I recommend you to visit Humble Administrators Garden. And we provide the day tour that includes most of famous gardens, if you are interested in it, check out this link: http://www.chinahighlights.com/suzhou/day-trips/suzhou-garden-highlights.htm
Topic From: Suzhou Travel Guide
1 Answer

My wife and I are going to be in the Shanghai area next week. We are interested in spending 2-3 days in Suzhou. We will arrive at SHA around 5pm and would like to travel to Suzhou and spend 3/31 to 4/2 there. What is your recommendation?

Asked by Jerry on Mar. 24, 2012
Nora Ou (Mar. 27, 2012) replied:
Hi Jerry, the following tours are recommended to you: 2-Day Suzhou's Exquisite Gardens Tour: http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/suzhoutour/sz-1/ 3-Day Suzhou and Water Village Tour: http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/suzhoutour/sz-2/ Please feel free to contact me at nora@chinahighlights.com if you are interested in the tour. Wish you a nice day!
Topic From: Tongli Water Town
1 Answer


Asked by MUHAMMAD.U.KHAN on Mar. 14, 2012
Peter (Mar. 15, 2012) replied:
Hi,you can go there by train or by bus. It is not far from Suzhou. 1 Railway: Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou to Tongli 2 Bus: Suzhou the North Bus Station, Suzhou to Tongli or Suzhou the South Bus Station, Suzhou to Tongli Hope you have a nice day!
Topic From: Shanghai Travel Tips
1 Answer

Our family (2 seniors, 1 adult, and on child of 7 years old) would like to visiting Shanghai (for 3 days) and Suzhou (one day) with our own iternary. We plan to hire a taxi for the whole 4 days. Do you know any taxi company having this service.

Asked by Lily on Mar. 2, 2012
Ruru Zhou (Mar. 5, 2012) replied:
Hi, you may search taxi rental in Google.
Topic From: Shanghai Weather in August
1 Answer

i am planning to visit Shanghai in Aug ..n Suzhou too....how is the weather generally and is it rite to go ?

Asked by Mark Liao on Feb. 24, 2012
Sammi Dai (Feb. 25, 2012) replied:
The temperature in Shanghai in Aug is always hot. Around 25 to 35 degree.
Topic From: Suzhou Attractions
1 Answer

I intend to visit Suzhou from Shanghai for a day trip in 3rd week of March 2012. There are 3 or 4 of us. Instead of taking the tour from Shanghai, can we just meet the tour guide at Suzhou High Speed Train station. Then we can either stay that night at Suzhou, travel to Hangzhou in the same evening, by the high-speed train again. If this arrangement possible, or it is advisable to go back to Shanghai for the night, before travelling out to Hangzhou the next day. Thanks

Asked by Mrs Warren on Feb. 20, 2012
Coco Yang (Feb. 20, 2012) replied:
Hi Warren, Thank you for your enquiry. I have made and sent a tour itinerary accordingly to your email box, please check it. If anything, just let me know. Regards, Coco
Topic From: Shanghai Weather in June
1 Answer

Hi, I am planning a tour trip for 2 to Shanghai and nearby cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi...my trip is about 6 days. I am planning to go in late May or Early June. Can you advise if is the right time to go. I prefer a cooler temperature as i come from Malaysia n is hot n humid here. Hope to hear from you soon

Asked by Mark Liao on Feb. 7, 2012
Nora Ou (Feb. 8, 2012) replied:
Hi Mark, the temperatue in late May would be cooler than June. The average temperature would be 15oC~27oC. Would you please answer a few questions so that we can construct an itinerary that gives you what you want at the best possible price? 1.Number of people in your group including yourself 2.Length of stay in China 3.City or cities of entry/exit 4.Start date of Tour 5.Places or attraction that you want to visit 6.Class of Hotel: tourist/Deluxe/superior 7.Estimative total budget per person.
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