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What is the best route to take when flying into Suzhou from Sydney International Airport?

Asked by Pauline Koroi on Feb. 6, 2012
Nora Ou (Feb. 7, 2012) replied:
It takes about 1.5-2 hours for car transfer and the bullet train would only take about 30 minutes.
Guest (Feb. 7, 2012) replied:
How long does it take to go from Shanghai to Suzhou by car or bullet train?
Nora Ou (Feb. 7, 2012) replied:
Hi Pauline Koroi, there is no airport in Suzhou, you could fly from Sydney to Shanghai first and then take bullet train from Shanghai to Suzhou. Wish you a nice journey!
Topic From: Suzhou Food and Restaurants
1 Answer

What are some of the foods that can be found in Suzou?

Asked by Matthew Farstad on Feb. 1, 2012
Coco Yang (Feb. 3, 2012) replied:
Hi Matthew, Thanks to its warm climate, Suzhou has abundant food resources such as candies, candied fruits, pastry and dumplings, roasted seeds and nuts, soy sauce pickles etc., leading to an honored title “Suzhou-the hometown of yummy delicacies”.Taihu Boat Dishes is the most famous there. Regards, Coco
Topic From: Shanghai Travel Tips
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Hi, How can i get to Nantong (Jiangsu) and Suzhou from Shanghai? i heard that Wuxi is also a good place to take a look. Could anyone here please advice? Many thanks in advance.

Asked by Jolene on Feb. 1, 2012
Doris Huang (Feb. 27, 2012) replied:
Hi, there are plenty of buses and trains that depart from Shanghai to Nantong, Suzhou and Wuxi. Li Garden, Mei Garden, and Lingshan Grand Buddha are the most famous attractions in Wuxi. Click here to get more information http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/tour-list.asp?price=0&begin_city=0&seldays=0&end_city=0&tour_type=0&KeyWord=garden&scity=Shanghai&scity=Suzhou&city=Shanghai%2C+Suzhou%2C+&attr= Besides, we can provide customizing tours for you, please contact us.
Michael Hu (Feb. 2, 2012) replied:
Hi Jolene, you can take a fast train from Shanghai to Suzhou and take a bus from Shanghai to Nantong. The fast train is available from Shanghai to Wuxi as well.
Topic From: What kind of vehicles that you use?
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We have 6 persons. We arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport in the morning at 6.30am. We like a qoutation for a 3 nights package: - Transfer from Shanghai airport to Mt Huang Shan - Tour Mt Huang Shan with 2 nights stay on Mt Huang Shan - 1 night stay after touring Honchun/Tunxi - Transfer to Hangzhou/Suzhou on 4th day

Asked by Gan on Jan. 5, 2012
Topic From: Hangzhou Weather in May
1 Answer

Hi, good day to you I intend to go Hangzhou, Suzhou and Guilin with my family in May for 8 days how the weather in May? Please gives me some tips.

Asked by Grace on Jan. 4, 2012
Sammi Dai (Jan. 4, 2012) replied:
hello, this is sammi.May is the peak season for toursim in China. The weather in all these cities are very good, might be a little bit hot, around 20 to 30 degree. T-shirt is ok for may. Have a nice trip.
Topic From: Beijing to Shanghai/Shanghai to Beijing Bullet Train
1 Answer

Hello, I have a question: are there 2 towns or cities called SUZHOU in China? When we look at the high speed train route between Shanghai and Beijing, we can see that the train goes through 2 places called SUZHOU: one near Shanghai and the other one is near Nanjing? Thanks, Francine

Asked by Francine on Dec. 28, 2011
Karen Yang (Dec. 29, 2011) replied:
Yes, Sir, the two stops are Suzhou and Nanjing City. Both are popular tourist destinations. You could learn more about them via these links. http://www.chinahighlights.com/suzhou/ http://www.chinahighlights.com/nanjing/ Also, as i know, to issue the train tickets from Jan. 1, passenger needs book with the copy of passport, and with Chinese New Year (Jan. 24) coming, the train tickets sale between Jan. 15- Feb. 5 will get very tight, your earliest confirmation is really necessary. Good luck, Karen
Topic From: Suzhou Attractions
1 Answer

how long does it take to reach suzhou from xuzhou and what r the transport mediums available?

Asked by SRV on Dec. 25, 2011
Michael Hu (Dec. 26, 2011) replied:
Hi SRV, if you take a bullet train, it takes about 2 hrs and 10 mins from Xuzhou to Suzhou. It cost RMB250 for the second seats and RMB420 for the first class seat. You can go to the railway station to buy the train tickets.
Topic From: Suzhou Transportation
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Hi how many hours does it take by coach/bus 1) from Shanghai to Wuzhen 2) from wuzhen to Hangzhou 3) from Hangzhou to Suzhou

Asked by CHEN YIP on Dec. 19, 2011
Candice Song (Dec. 20, 2011) replied:
Dear CHEN YIP, It takes you about a hour and a half to get Wuzhen from Shanghai by coach and also from Wuzhen to Hangzhou. Moreover, you would spend two hours from Hangzhou to Suzhou by coach. Hope it helps.
Topic From: Shanghai to HongKong/Hong Kong to Shanghai Train
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we are two south africans that will be coming to china vai hong kong, we are going to shangai from there to suzhou jinangsu. we would like to take a train. if we need to book it inadvance how do we go about. we will be leaving south africa just after christmas

Asked by Gift Mashitela on Dec. 17, 2011
Leon Long (Dec. 18, 2011) replied:
Dear Gift Mashitela, It is better to book the Hong Kong Shanghai train tickets in advance, you can contact a tour company in Hong Kong to buy it for you. we recommend http://www.hkcts.com/en/index.htm》For Shanghai to Suzhou train, you can buy the tickets when you at in Shanghai. You can just buy it at the train station.
Topic From: Suzhou Transportation
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Can I catch a bus to suzhou from at the Shanghai Dupong Int. Airport and how much cost. Does the bus leave right from the terminal and does it stop at Modern Plaza in Suzhou. Also how much does an english speaking guide cost at airport

Asked by cecily m on Dec. 12, 2011
Guest (Dec. 13, 2011) replied:
you can take the airport express line 1 to Hongqiao airport, which takes CNY30. And then takes the express bus from hongqiao airprot to Suzhou, which takes 1.5 hour and costs CNY50. I was wondering do you need a guide's acompany for the transfer? or perfer to have a local guide in Suzhou. Please feel free to email at sammi@chinahighlights.com if you need tour service in Suzhou.
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