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Topic From: Hangzhou Maps
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Hi, my family tour will travel to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai for 5 days 4 nights (Already have tour agent from Malaysia). I will end tour at Hangzhou. After this tour we will extend Free n Easy at Hangzhou on 30/5/13 to 01/6/13. Within this 2 days i have no idea which place for us to further explorer either Hangzhou or Shanghai. If Shanghai we need transport to go Shanghai and back Hangzhou again because our flight are depart from Hangzhou to Malaysia. Can you have any tour to recommend? We had about 20 person (including children).

Asked by Xin Yan on Dec. 13, 2012
Whitney Liao (Dec. 13, 2012) replied:
Hi Xin, we can tailor-make this tour for you. Start from Hangzhou,  sight-seeing in Shanghai, back to Hangzhou and escort you to the airport.  Please kindly advice  1. class of hotel: 3/4/5 star 2 How many children &  how old Then we will send you the quotation with detailed itinerary.
Topic From: Jingdezhen Transportation
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Hi, I want to catch a Bus or Train from Yiwu City / or Suzhou / to Jingdezhen - is there a direct connection with either city? Which one is the fastst?Many thanks for your reply

Asked by Josh Poznanski on Dec. 9, 2012
Whitney Liao (Dec. 10, 2012) replied:
Hi Josh, there are no direct buses from Yiwu City or Suzhou to Jingdezhen. But there is a train from Suzhou to Jingdezhen. K782/K783(dep.13:44-arr. 04:18 the next day), takes about 15hrs.
Topic From: Shanghai Attractions
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hi, francis here, planning a trip free and easy to shanghai from 26/12/12 to 02/01/13 with my wife , don''t want to be tie to tours but want see shanghai,or (Suzhou and Hangzhou day trips) in the 7 days, any good suggestions on itinerary?oops first time in shanghai how to plan, we have not book hotels yet,thinking to confirm itinerary first before proceeding booking of hotel.thanks in advance

Asked by francis on Dec. 5, 2012
Whitney Liao (Dec. 6, 2012) replied:
Dear Francis, it is a smart choice to travel to Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. They are all fantastic. We are more than pleased to arrange this tour for you. In order to quote the exact price, please kindly advice the class of hotel: 3/4/5 star? As it is not the peak season, so we can book the hotel at a good price. If you would like to book it yourself, for all the cities, then we will leave to your arrangement and send you the itinerary for your reference, okay? Have a nice day!
Topic From: Suzhou Attractions
1 Answer

hi, i am planning to visit shanghai for a week in the month of april 2013. I between my friend and I are planning to visit Suzhou and Hangzhou. Our main interests are shopping and sightseeing. Is it enough to visit Suzhou for a day trip and maybe spent 2 nights in Hangzhou?

Asked by sally on Dec. 2, 2012
Whitney Liao (Dec. 3, 2012) replied:
Hi Sally, yes, that is a wonderful arrangement.  It is enough for a one-day sightseeing  tour in Suzhou, if you don't plan to go shopping. Or you can spend one night in Suzhou and one night in Hangzhou, both of them are fantastic.
Topic From: Huangshan Travel Guide
1 Answer

Hi there I will be in shanghai 10 Jan and thinking of moving up to huangshan. Can you advise the following : 1. Will scenery be clear during winter ? 2. What is the temp like in degree c3. Any train from shanghai to huangshan ? 4. Is it accessible within huangshan by public transport? As I will be in shanghai for 7 days and like to look at other scenic by nature place to go (been to suzhou,Hangzhou,Nanjing) please advise. Thanks.

Asked by Melvin tay on Nov. 30, 2012
Lily Lee (Dec. 2, 2012) replied:
Hi Melvin,January is a good time for winter travel. Enjoy the beautiful snow and the charming sea of the clouds and prices for accommodations are affordable since January falls during the off-season.There are two trains depart from Shanghai to Huangshan.Only cable car you could take in Huangshan. Please let me know your detailed idea about your trip by email. (my email is Lilylee@chinahighlights.net)
Topic From: Suzhou Attractions
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HiIf we stay in Shanghai and wish to visit Suzhou for 1 day tour and back to Shanghai same day, by bullet train or mini bus, which one is better?As I know, it takes only half hour by bullet train. Is that right? if not, please correct.But if we travel by your vehicle (mini bus or for 6 people) to see the scenery on the way to Suzhou. How long does it take?Is it possible to use your vehicle provided for 1 day visit to Tongli Water Town, Humble Administrator''s Garden, Lingering Garden, Master of the Nets Garden and Guanqian Shopping Street? The duration for visiting each place, please advise.Thanks & RegardsSanphet

Asked by Sanphet Olarnsiriwat on Nov. 28, 2012
Leon Long (Nov. 29, 2012) replied:
For one day side tour to Suzhou, we don't recommend bullet train , yes, it takes only 30 mins by train , but you should go to the train station at least 30 mins before the train then you need time to get off in Suzhou. It take about 1 hrs by car from Shanghai to Suzhou, I suggest that you should take private car. For one day tour, you can not visit all the places you listed in one day, you can only visit Tongli Water Town+ one garden +Guanqian Shopping Street,. If you want to visit more gardens, I suggest that you should stay one night in Suzhou. It US$150 per person (based on two people) for one day private tour to Tongli ,  Humble Administrator''s Garden and Guanqian Shopping Street.
Topic From: Suzhou Food
1 Answer

I plan to visit China in March for 10 days. I am worried because I have a severe allergy to MSG. I have read that MSG is used in almost all dishes throughout China. Is it possible to find food with no MSG in Suzhou? I am sure some Chinese people must have this allergy, too.

Asked by gemmeroni on Nov. 22, 2012
Whitney Liao (Nov. 22, 2012) replied:
Hi Gemmeroni, you can let the hotel know that you don't need any MSG in the food. Or if you need us to book the hotel for you, we can talk to them and assure you of the no-MSG foods.
Topic From: Shanghai Travel Tips
1 Answer

Hi , I''m from Indonesia. I wanna ask about shanghai weather in dec ? we''re group of 12 persons. I''m interested in suzhou,zhouzuang daily tour. Where can I find a travel agency in Shanghai ? I will stay in Nanjing rd Shanghai. Thanks

Asked by Fenny on Nov. 12, 2012
Cecilia Peng (Nov. 12, 2012) replied:
Hi,during December, the weather becomes cold and windy in Shanghai. The average low and high temperatures are 2 °C (35 °F) and 11 °C (51 °F); it may snow this month, please bring warm clothes such as a down coat, a sweater, a hat, and gloves to keep warm. China Highlights is a travel agency offers kinds of tour services thoughout the whold of China, we are specialized in tailor make tours for clients, we can and we are glad to assist you in plannning your Suzhou and Zhouzhuang daily tour. Please feel free to contact me at cecilia@chinahighlights.net if you interested in our service. All the best! Cecilia Peng
Topic From: Famous Chinese Water Towns in China
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hello,I am researching on prices on 1 day tours from shanghai to suzhou-zhouhuang and suzhou-tongli from Shangai. We are 2 students, who want to go tomorrow. So we need a response very soon. We would like hotel pick up from our hotel, and we would like to pay 575 yuan pr. person for this, if we go tomorrow. We need all details. Write us now if you are interested. We will pay cash to the tour guide. We need an english speaking guide.Let us know asap. BestIda

Asked by Ida on Nov. 12, 2012
Christy Luo (Nov. 19, 2012) replied:
Hi, it is Christy from CHina Highlights,a travel advisor. Based on your requiry, i have made a quotation and send it to you. Please check it while if you have any other question, please feel free to let me know at christyluo@chinahighlights.com
Topic From: Beijing Weather in December
1 Answer

i.m visiting beijing dec 5-7..what kind of clothing should i bring....i''ll be going to great wall,tianaman sq and forbidden city. I''ll be going to shanghai ,suzhou after that

Asked by vee on Nov. 6, 2012
Whitney Liao (Nov. 7, 2012) replied:
Hi Vee, Beijing is in the middle of winter in December. It is chilly, with temperature just getting above freezing during the day,  and very dry. It is freezing on the Great Wall because of the elevation and exposure. If you visit then, you need to dress like an Eskimo! In the city dress for dry winter conditions.
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