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Topic From: Leisurely Women Tour
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A female fiend and I are interested in the 15 day trip mid or late June, or July of 2014. What does the 4069 each include? Meals, lodging, transportation, etc. Thank you for any help you can give. Deluxe or superior, please

Asked by Pam Marshall on Jun. 9, 2013
Topic From: Guangzhou Bus/Coach Travel
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going from Guangzhou jinan university to Sanxiang 三乡 in Zhongshan.?

Asked by Ai on Jun. 7, 2013
Lussie Lu (Jun. 7, 2013) replied:
Dear Ai, You can go to Guangzhou bus station(广州汽车客运站)for taking a bus to Sanxiang(三乡). The bus station is located at No. 188 Huangshi west Road, Yuexiu District(越秀区环市西路188). The bus is available from 6:30am to 19:00pm and it sets off about every 40 minutes. It costs about CNY60/US$10 per person. This information is just for reference, I suggest you get the details from the station directly.
Topic From: China Travel Guide
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Hello, Im planning to go on a China vacation woth my wife in September. We have 21 days total, minus 3 days for travel from Miami,USA and back. So we have 18 actual time in Asia. We want to do Beijing, Xian, Yangtze River Cruise 4day Downstream, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Then we want to do 4-5 days in Tailand and 2-3 days in Vietnam, Malasia or Singapore. Then back to the USA. I know it sounds like a lot for 18 days but we dont care about resting, relaxing or laying down on a beach. We were thinking about 2 days in Beijing, 1 day in Xian, 4 days Yangtze cruise, 2 days in Shanghai and 1 day in Hong Kong. (That is 10 days total in China). That leaves us with 8 days to go from Hong Kong to Tailand and (Vietnam, Malasia or Singapore). Then back home. Is there anything that you can plan for us? Any Ideas? Anything that we should do diferent? Also we can swap (Vietnam, Malasia or Singapore) for Tokyo either at the begining or at the end of the trip. We could spend 2-3 days in Tokyo since it is probably a good place for a lay-over flight from-to the USA. I will appreciate your help. Thanks a lot

Asked by Milton Gonzalez on May. 31, 2013
Whitney Liao (Jun. 3, 2013) replied:
Dear Milton, thanks for your inquiry. September is a wonderful time to visit China, with comfortable weather and beautiful scenery. Your time distributed to each city is excellent, well done! It is my pleasure to help arrange your China tour. I suggest that you visit China first, because Vietnam, Malaysia or Singapore are hotter than China.  If you swap (Vietnam, Malaysia or Singapore) for Tokyo, then the route can be reversed.  What do you think? I will make a proposal for you. In order to quote an accurate price, please kindly advise what kind of hotel you would like to stay in: 3/4/5 star? Thanks and best regards, Whitney
Topic From: please advise a retail shop that sells ele...
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I have been to the drum tower, bell tower and terracotta warriors and horses here in Xian. What more can you recommend? Thank you.

Asked by Jim on May. 30, 2013
Lussie Lu (May. 30, 2013) replied:
Dear Jim, Shaanxi History Museum, Ancient City Wall, Great Mosque,Hanyang Tomb and Big Wild Goose Pagoda are good places for traveling. There are also any other attractions in Xian, please click this link to realize the details: http://www.chinahighlights.com/xian/attraction/ If you need, we also could arrange an English speaking tour guide or arrange a private tour package for you.
Topic From: Xi'an shopping
1 Answer

Is there anywhere similar to the Silk Market in Beijing where we can buy inexpensive sunglasses? We are staying close to the South Gate. Thanks!

Asked by Andrea on May. 21, 2013
Lussie Lu (May. 21, 2013) replied:
Dear Andrea, We don't have much information about this. I suggest you could go to Wenbaozhai Tourist Shopping Center (文宝斋旅游购物中心) for shopping. It is located at No.25, Yanta Bei Road, Beilin District (碑林区雁塔北路25号) .
Topic From: Xi'an Maps
1 Answer

Fuping Ceramics centre

Asked by terry on May. 10, 2013
Whitney Liao (May. 11, 2013) replied:
Hi Khartina, what can we do for you? Do you need a tour?
Topic From: Fujian Map
1 Answer

Where is the location for Fujian Zhongxiang Trade company Ltd

Asked by Gladen Johnson Kafanabo on May. 8, 2013
Lussie Lu (May. 9, 2013) replied:
Dear Gladen, I regret that I didn't find the information about Fujian Zhongxiang Trade company Ltd on line. Here is another company's website which is in Nanchang city. I hope it is useful for you. Please click: http://www.gongchang.com/Zhongxiangtrade_Co_Ltd-company-2782786-ClEAAQQNUg/
Topic From: Beijing Weather in August
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We are doing SHANGHAI-BEIJIN VIKING EMERALD RIVER CRUISE. Flying from UK 23 Aug 2014 - Shangai 2 nights hotel stay then board ship at Wuhan - disembark 31 August 2014 in Chongging. (If we get rain, will it be all day long - or just heavy showers). Then we are in Xian 2 nights and 3 Nights Beijing. WILL WE GET VERY WET DURING THIS TIME OF YEAR

Asked by Lorna Trusdale on May. 8, 2013
Lussie Lu (May. 8, 2013) replied:
Dear Lorna, Based on the former data, it will be rainy during that period in these places, but it won't too heavy. In Shanghai, it might last for a long time. Here is an useful website for checking the new information. You could search it before leaving for China. Please click: http://www.weather.com.cn/english/
Topic From: Xi'an Transportaton
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I am arriving from Shanghai at 11.20 p.m. (late!) on May 23, 2013. Is the shuttle bus no.1 still running at that time?

Asked by Leon on May. 2, 2013
Lussie Lu (May. 3, 2013) replied:
Dear Leon, No. 1 bus is not available until 23:00pm, so I suggest you take a taxi instead of any other transport.
Topic From: The Terracotta Army Facts
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When was the terracotta soilders uncovered and discovered bC I am interested in them. We r learning about them in class. And we r making them outta clay and do u know when they were discovered?

Asked by Emma on May. 1, 2013
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