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FAQ on Wheelchair Service

When do I need to contact Airlines if I need wheelchairs service

Please contact with airline company at least 72 hours before flight departure.

What are the regulations for transporting a wheelchair

Both manual and electronic wheelchairs are transported as checked baggage. They qualify as free checked-baggage so they are not included in baggage allowance limits. If a wheelchair is needed during check-in and has been given the consent of Airlines, it will be delivered at the departure gate before boarding. If an electronic wheelchair is checked, the packing should be as follows: • Wheelchair with leak-proof battery – Ensure the battery does not have a short circuit and it should be securely installed on the wheelchair. • Wheelchair without leak-proof battery – The battery should not be installed on the wheelchair and should have protective packaging. It should be leak-proof and fixed with a belt, fixture or bracket on the pallet or in the cargo compartment. Ensure the battery does not have a short circuit and it is filled with suitable absorption material to absorb any leaked liquid. • The packing will be marked as either “BATTERY, WET, WHEELCHAIR”, or “BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID”. Additional labels will be added saying “CORROSIVE” and “UPWARD”.