What Information do I need to provide to make a reservation?

What Information do I need to provide to make a reservation?

We need answers to some questions listed below in order to suggest the best way to travel at the most reasonable price. Please try to answer as many of my questions as possible as this will aid us to give you the best possible service.

(Please just skip the questions that you have already filled on our web sites)

We need to know:

1. What is your country of residency?

2. How many are traveling together with you (including yourself)?

3. Could you please let us know all the names, ages and passport numbers? Please write your names (as it appears in your passport) clearly in the below format. Mr. or Mrs. Your name; Birthday, Gender, Passport number; Nationality, Adult or child (less than 12 years old)

4. How many days do you intend to stay in China?

5. What are the places you 'must' go?

6. What are the things you 'must' do?

7. If there are children traveling with you, please tell us their ages. There are significances price differences for children 'under 2 years old', 'under 12 years old' and 'above 12 years old'. Are they above 1 meter/3 ft 3 inches tall or under 1 meter/3 ft 3 inches

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