How can I get the health service in Beijing?

How can I get the health service in Beijing?

Hotels usually have access to a doctor if you need one. If your condition is serious, you will be taken to hospital. In emergency, you may call:

SOS First Aid Centre

Qianmen West Street

Tel: 120/010-66014433

There are also two private clinics offering Western qualified doctors, medicines and treatment. Both run a 24-hour service and doctors and nurses can speak English. These clinics are not cheap, but they will accept payment by credit card.

International Medical Centre (IMC)

Lufthansa Centre (Ground Floor)

Room 5106 50 Liangmaqiao Road

Tel: 010-64651561

Asia Emergency Assistance (AEA)

International 14 Liangmahe

South Road 1/F Chaoyang District

Tel: 010-64629100

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