Customers’ Feedback for 2006

China Highlights collected the feedback from our customers about their experiences in 2006, including the ratings and comments on attractions, guides, activities, hotels and food in China cities. Would you like to look at what tour previous customer tours have recommended? If you basically like what you see you can choose to customize it to get just what you want.

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Sunny, The trip you planned for my daughter and myself went well, The guides were very pleasant, promp and gave us and excellent tour of Bejing ,X'ian and the Yantgse River. The Victorian was an excellent cruist shop. I thank you for the service and the... Read more »

Client: Jerome Tour Dates: November 18, 2006 - November 26, 2006 Tour Title: 9 Days Beijing,Xi'an,Chongqing,Yichang Tour

Elaine Just got home or I would of responded sooner. The Kung fu show and the acrobatic show plus 90 percent of the tours were great. The best thing was our guide Sean he was more then helpful in making our Beijing experience wonderful. One of the... Read more »

Client: Don Tour Dates: October 22, 2006 - October 26, 2006 Tour Title: 5 Days Beijing Tour

Hi Elaine, We had a great trip to China. Some of the best things were being met at all airports and train stations and taken to our hotel. It was definitely nice not to have to worry about getting there on our own and having the guide make sure we got on... Read more »

Client: Joan Tour Dates: October 31, 2006 - November 8, 2006 Tour Title: 9 Days Guilin, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou Tour

Dear Eva, We just want to say thank you very much for arranging our trip in China. It has been a fantastic experience and the arrangements have all been perfect. We have been met at the train and plane each time and all the guides have been... Read more »

Client: Lissa Tour Dates: November 17, 2006 - November 26, 2006 Tour Title: 10 Days Beijing,Datong,Taiyuan,Pingyao,Xi'an,Guilin,Guangzhou,Hong Kong Tour

Dear Sunny Thank you for your email asking about our recent trip to China. It is impossible to say what was the best thing about the trip - it was all so very good. However, the visit to the Great Wall and the Terra-cotta Warriors were define... Read more »

Client: Keith Tour Dates: November 16, 2006 - November 22, 2006 Tour Title: 7 Days Beijing,Xi'an Tour

All services provided during our trip were precisely in line with the program eleborated by you.Guides punctual, efficient, helpful and with reasonable to good knowledge of the English language.Hotels well selected,cars comfortable and clean, drivers... Read more »

Client: Ulrich Tour Dates: October 16, 2006 - November 5, 2006 Tour Title: Round Trip From Hongkong +3 Day Guilin Tour

Ms. Lina Maria Restrepo Fonseca's answers to some of the questions on our Post-tour survey: Hi Cheryl, 1. What was the best thing about your trip? Guilin was the perfect place for our family and specially it's our own private tour, it's at our own... Read more »

Client: Lina Tour Dates: October 24, 2006 - November 11, 2006 Tour Title: Hiking tour--18 Days China Hiking

Hi Candy


THANK YOU!!!!! You are wonderful. Once again a BIG THANK YOU Candy.

Kindest regards Patsy & Keith Wardell

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Client: Frank Tour Dates: November 16, 2006 - November 19, 2006 Tour Title: 4 Days Shanghai,Chongqing,Yangtze,Yichang,Shanghai Tour

The assistance provided by the Tour Guides was one of the best things of the trip. We found them very helpful and were invaluable with their help and always happy to provide support or offer advice. Our guide Lisa, from Beijing, was very accommodating and... Read more »

Client: Shana Tour Dates: October 13, 2006 - October 20, 2006 Tour Title: 8-Day Train Travel to Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai

Ms. Mary Edgecomb answers to some of the questions on our Post-tour survey: 1. What was the best thing about your trip? Paul was very impressed with Frank getting the Monks at Ling Yin Temple to look into their archives about Robert Dollar from Oregon... Read more »

Client: Mary Tour Dates: October 9, 2006 - October 20, 2006 Tour Title: 12 Days Beijing,Xi'an,Chengdu,Yangtze,Chongqing,Hangzhou,Shanghai Tour