William's Feedback on 9-Day China Tour

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Just to note that my driver was excellent during my Yunnan trip. He was very good, dependable and good driver. He was 5 stars !!
Client: (Male) Ask William about his experienceAge: 30-45Nationality:Canada
Tour Date: December 7, 2011 - December 15, 2011 
FeedBack Date:December 29, 2011
Itinerary: 9 Days Guangzhou, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri la, Hong Kong Tour


Just to note that my driver was excellent during my Yunnan trip. He was very good, dependable and good driver. He was 5 stars !!

The driver in Kunming was excellent too.

My Guides:

Doyle in Kunming–Excellent. Very good service and knowledge. Very nice young fellow.

Alice in Dali - She was OK , but could have provided slight better service of sightseeing on the bicycle.

My guide (a lady) in Shangra- la was excellent !!–excellent knowledge and very nice guide. (Sorry I just can’t remember her name). She was 5 stars!!

I am just trying to give you some honest feed back.

All in all–I was happy with my trip.

The food was excellent and choice of restaurants very good!!!

Thanks again



Thank you for providing such excellent service during my recent trip to the Yunnan Province of China.

My visit included a number locations of city visits. Everything was coordinated with perfection !!

Thank you again and I look forward to arranging any future China visits with you and China Highlights.

Happy New Year


Hi Delia,

I really liked Lijiang ancient city and the surrounding area. Walking around in the evening was great and it was beautiful and very unique with music from the various restaurants. The market near Dali wads also memorable and great experience.

I did go to restaurants recommended by the tour guides, they gave me recommendations of where to walk to or sites to visit and those restaurants in the itinerary all very good.

I loved Lijiang in the evening in the city square. The city is all lit up nicely and I enjoyed sitting in the square listening to the local music and watching people dance. The shopping outside of the city was fantastic too!!!! – I bought lots of great clothes.

At first I didn’t like Kunming, maybe because it was cloudy/foggy in the morning and it was busy. But after spending a day there I discovered it more and got to like it and really liked the street scenes and walking around.

I will absolutely recommend you and China Highlights!



The Real Evaluation for the Destionation(s)

  • Kunming
  • Lijiang
  • Dali
  • Shangri la
Attitude & Services5 Doyle is an excellent guide!!
Knowledge of Subjects5
Command of English5 English is very good.
Local Arrangements5
The Stone Forest4 Very good,fascinating
Chinese Restaurant of Stone Forest Ashima Hotel (Lunch)5 Excellent,Great food.
Room Comfort4