Rifai's Feedback on 10-Day China Tour

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Client: (Male) Ask Rifai about his experienceAge: UnknownNationality:Oman
Tour Date: August 2, 2006 - August 11, 2006 
FeedBack Date:September 25, 2006
Itinerary: 10 Days Beijing,Xi'an,Shanghai Tour
Rifai Saleem's Answers' to Some of Our Post-tour Survey: 1. Overall, did you enjoy your trip? Yes indeed. We enjoyed every moment of it. 2. Were the arrangements satisfactory? Satisfactory is an understatement. The arrangement mades were exceptionally good. Not one bit to complaint! 3. Was it what you expected, and if not, how did it differ from your expectations? Well, we were touring for 9 days and actually expected something might fall short or might go wrong, but thanks to Eva and her coordination everything was like clock-work. 4. Were any problems resolved quickly and easily? We had very little or no problems. Once I remeber the bell boy at Hotel Redwall made a fuss about safekeeping our luggage, but the guide "judy" intervened and sorted out the problem efficiently. 5. What was the best thing about your tour? The day we spent climbing upto the great wall was magical! and the peking duck was very delicious! 6. How would you describe your trip to China and the overall experience in a few sentences? A mistique experience, an eye opener for a new way of looking at life. It was also an experience to understand what people power can do when things are organized. We were expecting to see many many people on the road, but we were surprised to see most of the places in beijing were not crowded as much as we expected it to be. This can only be attributed to people being busy indoors and not aimlessly wandering on the roads. A good receipe for development and growth of a country. All the best CHINA!

The Real Evaluation for the Destionation(s)

  • Beijing
  • Xian
Attitude & Services5 We are very happy and no complaints,Zhu is such a lovely person.
Knowledge of Subjects4 Hope to meet the sauie pair on our return.
Command of English4
Local Arrangements5
Forbidden city4 Very nice tour! apart from the disiurbance due to construction ia was very good.
The Summer Palace3
The Temple of Heaven4 We enjoyed the deails and the environment.
The Sacred Road4 Nicce peaceful walk,goood explanation by the guide!
Mutianyu Great Wall5 A wonderful experience,we will never forget,a true wonder!
Cruise in the Summer Palace3
Hutong4 We met a good local guidevery nice explanation.
The Tian'anmen Square4 Wow! words biuuest square--indeed.
Location4 Easy access to many places especially shopping.
Comfort4 Everything ok except people shouting in the night.
Service4 Courteous .good.