David's Feedback on 4-Day China Tour

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Client: (Male) Ask David about his experienceAge: 45-60Nationality:United States
Tour Date: October 2, 2009 - October 5, 2009 
FeedBack Date:October 9, 2009
Itinerary: Panda Discovery and Chengdu Highlights Tour

Dear Eva,

The Panda Breeding Center was the most memorable attraction I visited. May, she was the only guide we had. Very personable, very knowledgeable and she took good care of us. The hotel was fine, they had remodeling going on, however, we were out most of that time. The meals were okay, we expected more spicy food in Sichuan though.

The Panda Breeding Center's Intern program was very cool. Even though we were cleaning out the cages and feeding the sick and healthy animals. It was an incredible experience. Also, meeting Ramona at the park, she was very knowledgeable and explained every aspect of the Panda's life. My wife, being a science teacher, really enjoyed that aspect of the internship. The Sichuan Opera was a fantastic evening show, the variety and the skill were unlike other entertainment I have seen in China. Also, very cool. Here are 12 pictures that I hope you enjoy.

Thank you and take care,


The Real Evaluation for the Destionation(s)

  • Chengdu
Attitude & Services4.5
Knowledge of Subjects4.5
Command of English4.5
Local Arrangements4.5
Wu Hou Temple4.5
Du Fu Thatched Cottage4.5
Wangjiang Park4.5
Panda Breeding and Research Centre4.5
Jinli Old Street4.5
Long Chao Shou Snack(Lunch)4.5
Room Comfort4.5