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China Tour Feedback from Oman Customers

We collected the feedback from our Oman customers about their experiences in China, including the ratings and comments on attractions, guides, activities, hotels and food in China cities. Would you like to look at what tour previous customer tours have recommended? If you basically like what you see you can choose to customize it to get just what you want.

Jul. 20 2014
Tour date: Jun. 26 2014 - Jul. 11 2014
It was a memorable trip, very interesting, exciting, more than we expected. Very good organized, thank you. Also the itinerary was perfect chosen, I will suggest to all my friends to visit China and to chose this itinerary, exactly in this order, and of course I will give them your contact details to organize the trip for them. read more
by Florin
Tour title: 16 Days Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong Tour
Sep. 26 2012
Tour date: Sep. 26 2012 - Sep. 26 2012
Thanks for your mail, the tour was good. However we have to commend Sophie for her initive as she came with the idea to take us to tea room and also to a brige to take some pictures of the olympic stadium. Thank you for re arranging our tour on such short notice. read more
Tour title: 1 Day Beijing Tour
Jul. 13 2012
Tour date: May. 28 2012 - May. 31 2012
I am not so good in telling stories that's why I can not put on paper all the feelings, excitement, and impressions I experienced in China. But when people ask me how I found were to go and what to see I advise them to look in Internet for China Highlights. read more
by Vasilica
Tour title: 4 Days Guilin, Yangshuo Tour
Jul. 26 2010
Tour date: May. 6 2010 - May. 28 2010
I would like to let you know the most outstanding guide Cobing from Beijing. He spoke very well English and since he has a major in history he knew many things about the places we visited. Besides that, he was very friendly and also he always paid attention to our needs. read more
by Nicolae
Tour title: 23 Days Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Lhasa, Tsetang, Shigatse, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong Tour
May. 6 2009
Tour date: Apr. 21 2009 - May. 2 2009

Dear Karen,

We have returned home and thank you for an exquisite holiday, backed by a sate of the art organization.
We have enjoyed all of the visiting, and impressed by all of the local guides. Specially Mr. He in Lijiang, he is great guy, non-intrusive, discreet, honest and vertical person, full of interesting (and sought for) cultural details.

We are ok for all of the meals.I would replace the spicy lunch in XiAn (a nearby village, actually) with one with traditional XiAn muslim food (mutton soup with shredded pancakes etc). It would make the experience more place-related, I guess. However, the spicy lunch was very tasty and we enjoyed a lot the restaurant’s genuine and merry atmosphere. 

Here i would like to share one information (probabaly it is useful for you)--The Foreign Books Book Store on JiuJiang Lu (?) Street. A street full of bookstores, a huge library and this so precious foreign language bookstore. I found here, at a very good price and in a conveniently small format, in English, the complete versions of Chinese classics I was looking for - Journey to the West, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Dream of the Red Mansion.

For shopping, at Shanghai, i have bought complete set of bed sheets and some blouses in the factory, but i think they were overprice when i saw similar production at anther shop. We made this exception and we were sorry for the uncomfortable feelings we got.

Over all, it was nice trip, thanks!


read more
by Alina
Tour title: 12 Days Hong Kong, Kunming, Lijiang, Xian, Shanghai Tour
Sep. 25 2006
Tour date: Aug. 2 2006 - Aug. 11 2006
Rifai Saleem's Answers' to Some of Our Post-tour Survey: 1. Overall, did you enjoy your trip? Yes indeed. We enjoyed every moment of it. 2. Were the arrangements satisfactory? Satisfactory is an understatement. The arrangement mades were exceptionally good. Not one bit to complaint! 3. Was it what you expected, and if not, how did it differ from your expectations? Well, we were touring for 9 days and actually expected something might fall short or might go wrong, but thanks to Eva and her coordination everything was like clock-work. 4. Were any problems resolved quickly and easily? We had very little or no problems. Once I remeber the bell boy at Hotel Redwall made a fuss about safekeeping our luggage, but the guide "judy" intervened and sorted out the problem efficiently. 5. What was the best thing about your tour? The day we spent climbing upto the great wall was magical! and the peking duck was very delicious! 6. How would you describe your trip to China and the overall experience in a few sentences? A mistique experience, an eye opener for a new way of looking at life. It was also an experience to understand what people power can do when things are organized. We were expecting to see many many people on the road, but we were surprised to see most of the places in beijing were not crowded as much as we expected it to be. This can only be attributed to people being busy indoors and not aimlessly wandering on the roads. A good receipe for development and growth of a country. All the best CHINA! read more
by Rifai
Tour title: 10 Days Beijing,Xi'an,Shanghai Tour