Tuojiang River

Tuo Jiang River, the biggest river within the county, is one of the branches of Wushui River. Originating from Nanshan Gorge of Dusha, Kuhe, it flows through Fenghuang County from west to east, passing nine counties and towns including La’ershan and Fenghuang County, and then plunges into Wushui River. It is 131 kilometers in length, among which 96.9 kilometers is in Fenghuang County, with the drainage are of 732.42 square kilometers.

Tuo Jiang River is the Mother River of Fenghuang County, feeding the Fenghuang people from generations to generations. Women are usually seen washing their clothes by the river, wearing traditional Chinese leaf or bamboo hat. Men are fond of wearing ancient Chinese waistcoat, fishing in the river. Stone bridges, winding flagstone paths, wooden waterwheels and beautiful Miao ethic girls and Tujia ethic girls in their traditional costumes. A glide on Tuo Jiang River in a Wupeng Boat (an ancient styled shed boat in strong Xiangxi flavor), listening to the folk labor song of the boatman, appreciating the hundred-year-long unique houses built on stilts along the riverbank is a impressive and peaceful experience. As rowing ahead, passing through the Hong Bridge (an ancient Chinese bridge in Miao ethnic style), famous attractions of Fenghuang County are turning up one flowing another: Longevity Palace, Wanming Tower, Tuocui Building……

The ancient city wall along the south bank of the Tuo Jiang River is built by mauve stones and sands, which is elegant and marvelous. There are two ancient city towers in distinct Qing Dynasty style constructed at the east part and the north part of the city wall respectively. The river water is limpid and shallow in the areas approaching to the city wall where float grass can be seen flickering in the green waves. Everything is in an air of leisure and tranquility. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and holiday-spending.

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Ling 2013-08-21
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We have 2D1N in your beautiful FH. Pls recommend how best we can travel to cover the most of FH? How much is Wupeng Boat trip? How long?
Fenghuang is praised as "the Most Beautiful Town of China". The Fenghuang attractions listed below are main tourist spots in the ancient town, including Tuo Jiang River, Huangsiqiao Castle, South Great Wall, Shanjiang Miao Village, and Longevity Palace. The boat takes about 30 minutes, which is included in the entrance fee. Ruby Zhao replied on 2013-08-22
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