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The Ancestor Worship Ceremony

The Ancestor Worship Ceremony is held on the 3rd of the third Chinese lunar month annually in Xinzheng (hometown of the Chinese legendary figure, Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor) of Henan Province. It is dedicated to worshiping the primogenitor of the Chinese nation, Huang Di, attracting millions of Chinese people from home and abroad to seek their family roots.


Xinzheng Ancestor Worship Ceremony aims at advancing and enriching the fine cultural heritage of the Chinese nation and recalling the great achievements of the Chinese forebears. Its theme is based on the Chinese people seeking their family roots, symbolizing how closely the Chinese people are related to each other by blood.

The Ancestor Worship Ceremony is composed of nine successive programs, which are: Saluting to a Flourishing Age, Flower Bouquets Presentation, Hands Washing to Incense Offering, Obeisance, Praying, Chant Praising, Dancing, Support of the Universe, and People and Pray for the Chinese Nation. During the ceremony, celebrities from all walks of life will show and offer incense to Huang Di to express their long yearning for their ancestors.

History of Ancestor Worship Ceremony

As the founder of the Chinese nation, Huang Di established a distinguished feat in the long history of China and, as a result, he was greatly respected and adored by the later generation.

According to historical records, the kings and vassals climbed Juci Mountain to worship Huang Di on March 3rd during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC–221 BC), and it became a custom during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Since then, it has been passed down from one generation to another. In addition to kings and high officials, people such as rich businessmen, small tradesmen and porters would also pay a visit to the Mausoleum of Huang Di during the Double Nine Festival and Qingming Festival to express respect for their ancestors.

Hometown of Huangdi Scenic Area

The Hometown of Huangdi Scenic Area is located on Xuanyuan Road, which was initially built in the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD), rebuilt in the Ming (1368–1644) and the Qing dynasties (1644–1911) and renovated in the 1990s.

Covering an area of over 70,000 square meters (753,000 square feet) and themed on seeking family roots, the Hometown of Huangdi Scenic Area is composed of three zones from north to south: the Ancestor Worshiping Zone, the Memorial Hall Zone and the Ancestor Worshiping Square Zone. Along the Ancestor Worshiping Zone line is the Mound of Xuan Yuan (Huang Di), the Statue of Huang Di, the Memorial Hall of Huang Di, the Holy Torch Platform and Culture Corridor. In the Memorial Hall Zone, there are statues of Yuan Fei, Lei Zu (both were concubines of Huang Di), a southward-pointing cart and sundial. Over 3,000 surnames are carved on the wall of the Ancestor Worshiping Square, in the center of which stands a tripod of 6.99 meters (23 feet) tall and 24 tons in weight.

Xinzheng Ancestor Worship Ceremony is a good chance for visitors to discover much more about the traditional Chinese culture, so it is highly recommended to visit Shizu Mountain after the festival, and China Highlights can customize a tour to Xinzheng for visitors.

Travel Essentials:

Address: Xuanyuan Road, Xinzheng, Henan Province.

Transportation: buses 6, 10, and 101 take you there from downtown Xinzheng.

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