Wooden Rod Festival

  • Celebrated: Mar. 5 
  • Location: Lijiang

Lijiang Wooden Rod Festival is a traditional trade fair of the Naxi nationality, annually held in the Old Town of Lijiang. It brings together people from various nationalities. Nowadays the festival has functions of commerce, culture preservation, and entertainment.


  • In the heart of the Yunnan tourist area
  • Unique Naxi national customs
  • Rich and varied goods for trade>
  • Fancy national handicrafts
  • Tasty local specialties

Goods on Sale

During the festival the locals, especially farmers and businessmen, get together in the Wooden Rod Fair with a variety of goods. The fair sells everything from farm tools and various flowers to sweets and toys for children. The list of goods involved in this fair is growing longer by the year.

Local Specialties: fresh flowers, dried flowers, ginger sugar, white tea, Pu'er tea, essential oils extracted from plants and flowers, silk shawls, air-dried yak meat, spirulina, and so on.

Special Scene in the Fair

If you walk along the fair street, you will see a great amount of handles for spades, shovels, and hoes, rolling pins, carrying poles, and any other wooden rod-shaped goods you can imagine. That is why people call it the Wooden Rod Fair.


In their ancient agricultural society, Naxi people in Lijiang often celebrated a whole year's harvest in the first month of the Chinese 'agricultural' calendar, so as to carry out trading activities. Later the celebrations gradually become a regular, scheduled festival to hold large trade and cultural activities with more and more people from different nationalities getting together.

Cost: ¥80/ person (it goes towards the maintenance of the Old Town of Lijiang)

How to Get There

Lijiang City is located in northwest Yunnan Province, 525 kilometers from Kunming city.

  • By Plane: Planes from Kunming Changshui International Airport (昆明长水国际机场) to Lijiang Airport (丽江机场) take off at 07:05, 11:35, and 15:00. The cost ranges from 400 yuan to 900 yuan. The trip takes 50 minutes.
  • By Train: Trains from Kunming to Lijiang start off at 10:00, 20:53, 21:58 and 22:28. A hard seat costs 89 yuan and hard sleeper about 150 yuan. It takes about 9 hours.
  • By Bus: You can easily take a bus at Kunming Bus Station to Lijiang. The 10-hour trip costs about 160 yuan.


The average low temperature in Lijiang is between 0°C and 15°C. Remember to bring a thick coat to keep warm at night.

Nearby Attractions

Yulong Snow Mountain, the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Black Dragon Pool, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Mufu Wood Mansion, Lugu Lake, Lashi Lake.