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Changchun International Film Festival

  • Celebrated:
  • Location: Jilin

The Changchun Film Festival Established in 1992 is one of the three major film festivals in China. Annually celebrations is held from Aug 23rd to 28th.  It is co-sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, the provincial government of Jilin and the Changchun municipal government. It aims to tap potentials for the Chinese language films and to search for the best combining point of the market and the art. There are common awards as well as some changes as it developing like technological Innovation, Box Office Intake and New Rising Actors in Film while calling off the Award to Best Foreign Language Film.

On the ceremony, film fans, especially those from Changchun, will be able to catch glimpses of many of their favorite actors and actresses live as well as to view many of the nation's best films.