Chengdu Flower Fair

Chengdu Flower Fair with a history of more than 1000 yeas started in Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. At present, it is held in the Feb. 15 in Qingyang Palace, outside the western gate of Chengdu. During the fair, all the flower nursery holders around Chengdu will take their rare and precious flowers, potted flowers and potted landscapes to Qingyang Palace, and then set up stalls to exhibit and sell all of them. According to legends, the fair is to commemorate the founder of Taoism, Li Laojun, (also Lao-tzu, a Chinese philosopher in the Spring and Autumn Period) whose birthday is the Feb. 15 of the Lunar calendar. In addition, every February always sees a variety of flowers blooming. So the day is also considered as the birthday of flowers.

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Questions and Answers About Chengdu Flower Fair

Areej 2014-02-28
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Is this flower fair will extend to 4/5 april 2014?
The flower fair is only on Feb.15th of Lunar calendar. Leon Long replied on 2014-03-03
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