Xindu Lotus Festival

  • Celebrated: Jun. 1 to Sep. 30
  • Location: Chengdu

Gui Lake in Chengdu has a long history of lotus flower cultivation and is one of the top ten lotus appreciation sites in China. Located near the Panda Research Center, Chengdu is a beautiful stopover place for visitors to China.

The festival celebrates the beautiful lotus flower, which has been celebrated in classical Chinese music and poetry for thousands of years.

Festival History

The Lotus Festival celebrates the ancient agricultural, political and artistic history of this green and beautiful part of China. Chengdu has a history as a city that goes back over 2,500 years and this rich history is highlighted at the festival.

Festival Activities

The festival has many different activities that are located throughout the city of Chengdu. Popular events include: a summer beer festival, lotus food festival, a lotus fairy competition, Buddhist ceremonies at Baoguang Temple, a palm weaving skills competition, bonsai show and special exhibition of historical relics from the area.

Look for flyers or posters advertising the dates and locations of each activity when arriving in Chengdu. The local tourist office can provide specifics on costs and locations for each of the most popular events.

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