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China International Ceramics Exposition in Zibo

This exposition would welcome ceramic enterprises across the country to participate in. The exhibits cover the construction ceramics, sanitary ceramics, porcelain, art pottery, ceramics and other high-tech categories. Ceramics, as the living fossil of civilization, fully reflects the profound and harmonious thought of Chinese civilization. Ceramics Road has become the very bridge connecting different cultures and establishing friendship for ages. As the city of Chinese ceramics, Zibo with a history of nearly ten thousand years is one of the earliest pottery origins. After the founding of People’s Republic of China, especially after the policy of reform and opening up, Zibo ceramic has experienced its second spring by means of innovation. The series of ceramic products "Chinese Dragon" have been served as the dishware for the national banquet, which represents the vivid charm and high status of contemporary porcelain ceramic produced in Zibo.