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China Sichuan Emei International Wushu Festival

The festival is held Mt Emei and Leshan Grand Buddha scenic area, which is believed to be the cradle of Emei Wushu. China Sichuan Emei International Wushu Festival aims at creating a platform for martial arts practitioners from all over the world to show their skills, which shows to the world that Emei Wushu is extensive and profound, and it plays an important role in carrying forward the fine traditions of the Chinese culture
Emei Wushu forms its own unique style after 3,000 years, featuring attaching great importance on both internal and external strengths and coupling hardness with softness, and it’s among the top 3 Wushi schools along with Shaolin Kung Fu and Wudang Kung Fu, so it’s considered as a gem of the Chinese martial arts. Now people from over 10 countries have practiced Emei Wuahu, focusing on it with great passion.
The main activities of the festival include grand opening and closing ceremonies, traditional Wushu competitions, Golden Summit Wushu forum, swords challenge tournament, healthy gourmet festival and Buddhist cultural activities. The golden summit of Mt Emei is expecting more than 1000 martial arts masters from China and all over the world. It is an international Wushu event and is held every two years since 2007.