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Yueyang International Dragon Boat Festival

Yueyang International Dragon Boat Festival is held in Yueyang Prefecture, and lasts for 7 days around Duanwu Festival (June 20, 2015).

Under the support of China’s State Sports Commission and National Tourism Administration, Yueyang has held the International Dragon Boat Festival each year since 1987. It perfectly combines sport, culture, trade and tourism as one, and it’s recognized as one of "the 23 festivals open to the global market in China".

Festival Activities

There are wonderful activities and dragon boat races everyday.

There are seminars on international Qu Yuan culture, painting and calligraphy exhibitions in memory of Qu Yuan, the opening ceremony, the International Dragon Boat Contest, an international food festival, a sacrifice ceremony to Qu Yuan and trade activities.

During the Dragon Boat Festival you can not only enjoy the dragon boat races, but also watch motorboats, paragliding, and local traditional performances.


Yueyang used to be called Ba Ling or Yue State in ancient China. It is a cultural city with over 2,500 years of history, and is located in northeast Hunan Province. The prefecture is surrounded by Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces. Yueyang has convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.

Miluo County south of Yueyang city, holds the Miluo River, where it is said that patriotic poet Qu Yuan drowned himself.

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