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Chinese New Year Firework Performance

The Chinese New Year Celebrations for 2014 are a big deal in Hong Kong. There are three days of big events planned for 2014. The fireworks are exploded on the second day of the three day Spring Festival big event. Most people have the three days off, so large crowds gather to enjoy the festival. The fireworks display in conjunction with the Symphony of Lights is a main attraction to enjoy.

Fireworks Display at 8pm on February 1, 2014

Victoria Harbor blazes with fireworks while the lights dance on the buildings.

Victoria Harbor is scheduled to roar with a giant half-hour long fireworks display with dancing choreographed fireworks. Spectators also watch the laser light display and the colorful buildings of the Symphony of Lights. The skyscrapers go through their paces while spectators listen to the orchestrated music and narration played on loudspeakers for the event.

It is an extraordinary pyrotechnic production accompanied by music. This display is bigger and longer than the regular New Year's fireworks at midnight on January 1st. Fireworks will snake up from some skyscrapers on the island and blast over them. They also rocket up from boats and barges set up in the middle of the harbor.

You'll probably hear extra-loud booming detonationsthat are intended (according to Chinese tradition) to scare away the evil spirits from the whole area. This is hoped to make the Year of the Horse a fortunate one.

Hong Kong makes this a grand event. It is the most important holiday for families, and more than 300,000 people watched the fireworks in the Year of the Snake, 2013. Three barges launched more than 23,888 fireworks.

Where to Watch From

The Avenue of Stars is the best public viewpoint, and while there, you can also see the handprints and statues that commemorate Hong Kong's actors. There are permanent viewing stands there from which you can hear the accompanying music and dialogue. Try to get to the best viewing sites early.

People watch from both sides of the Harbor. The best places to watch are along the north shore. There is a pedestrian promenade that extends eastwards about a kilometer along the shore from the Avenue of Stars. This promenade gives a view of Victoria Peak and the stunning skyline of brightly-lit skyscrapers.

Along with the promenade, Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai is also a place to watch. It is equipped with loudspeakers for narration and music. The IFC Tower is a good vantage point too.

There are also nightly cruises scheduled for that hour. Perhaps you'll be able to enjoy the spectacular fireworks performance from a boat in Victoria Harbor as you leisurely float below the extravaganza.

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