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Chinese New Year International Performance Night 2014

On Chinese New Year's Day on January 31, 2014, there is a parade and entertainment extravaganza near Victoria Harbor that is a big part of the annual Chinese New Year Celebrations in Hong Kong of 2014. The extravaganza is not just a Hong Kong Chinese festival and parade but its meant to be an international festival for the whole world, with international performers from many countries and international telecasts.

The Chinese New Year International Performance has been held for nearly 20 years. It has become a famous international event. During the performance, many beautiful floats, international performance groups and local performance groups will pass along the main streets. Tourists can enjoy those wonderful performances from three main spectator venues along the parade route.

Dozens of entertainment groups come from all over the world. The parade features dancers, folk dancers from other countries, floats, acrobats, dragon and lion dances, and other special entertainers. There will probably be horses paraded for the Year of the Horse.

Program for the Parade

  • Preliminary entertainment: 6:30 to 8 pm along the route.
  • Main event: 8:00 to 9:30 pm.

The entertainment for the parade actually starts at 6:30. For people along the parade route, local acrobats, musicians, and performers will entertain the crowds. But the main parade and entertainment begins at 8. The parade starts at the plaza of the Hong Kong Cultural Center near the Avenue of Stars.

The entertainment begins in conjunction with the start of the nightly Symphony of Lights that holds a world record for such an urban light display. The laser lights and the colorful lights of the buildings kickoff the show. Spectator stands will be set up on the plaza, but tickets are necessary to sit in these. The tickets are usually sell out quickly long before the show.

However, you can watch the parade along the route. The performers stop to perform at Canton Road outside Harbour City Mall, on Haiphong Road beside Kowloon Park, and then on Nathan Road, the Golden Mile near Chungking Mansion. Bright lights and good sound systems help add to the entertainment. In 2011 the parade featured 1,111 Dragons and Lions.

Essential Parade Information

Route: Starting from the Hong Kong Cultural Center on Salisbury Road (next to the Avenue of Stars), the parade proceeds down Canton Road, turns right on Haiphong Road, and then turns right again on historic Nathan Road to Salisbury Road, going past the Space Museum back to the Hong Kong Cultural Center. 

Stands: Special spectator stands will ensure you a closeup view and a more comfortable spot. They will be set up outside the Hong Kong Cultural Center. In the recent past, the prices for a seat ranged from HK$180 to $350 per person.

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