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Chongqing Three Gorges Migrant Cultural Festival

The Chongqing (Yunyang) Three Gorges Migrant Cultural Festival is held on the 28th of September every year, which is themed “Entering the World, Setting on Three Gorges and Developing Yunyang”, during which the main activities include the followings.

Theatrical Performances

Various theatrical performances are available at the opening and closing ceremonies of Chongqing Three Gorges Migrant Cultural Festival, most of which are themed with migration, such as Dragons Rising & Tigers Leaping and Serving the Migrators with Utter Devotion.  

Culture and Art Exhibit

The Beautiful Yunyang Culture and Art Exhibit show the beauty of Yunyang in the forms of photos and pictures, whose themes involve a wide range of subjects, fully representing the selfless dedication of Yunyang people to China’s great cause – the Three Gorges Project. Yunyang Natural Scenery Exhibit fully shows the charm of natural mountains and rivers of Yunyang, which stimulates the locals to love their hometown.

Dragon Boat Race

It has been a tradition for the locals to hold the dragon boat festivals since the completion of the Three Gorge Project, during which over 10,000 people participate, including 450 players from different parts of China.

Ascending Ladder Grand Prix

During the cultural festival, the National Ascending Ladder Grand Prix is held in Yunyang as well, and candidates from all over China will gather here and attend this grand prix.