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Confucian Culture Festival of Jianshui

  • Celebrated: Sep. 28 
  • Location: Yunnan

Confucian Culture Festival has been held in Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan on 28 September since 2005. Jianshui Confucian Temple was initially built in 1285 during the Yuan dynasty, which is well-preserved now, and a number of activities are held to show the time-honored culture and rich and varied tourism resources in Jianshui every year, including worshiping Confucius ceremony, a tour to the Confucian Temple, art performances, local music performances, costume parades and so on.
In addition, the festival also holds shows and exhibitions, like lantern shows, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, cultural tourism product exhibitions and trade fairs.
Through Confucian Culture Festival of Jianshui, the local people absorb the essence of Confucian spirit, which is characterized by exerting and striving hard without any let up and advancing with the times, which plays an important role in promoting the development in Honghe area. Through Confucian Culture Festival of Jianshui, Jianshui is forged into an international tourist city by promoting its development in historical culture and tourist culture.