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Dali Festivals

Dali is a Bai minority: the Bai people rank second after the Han ethnic group in population. 

The March Fair, the most important festival celebrated by the Bai people, together with their Worship Gathering in the Three Temples and Butterfly Festival, display the colorful customs and unique costumes of the Bai minority.

Dali Festivals and Events List

March Fair of the Bai Ethnic People

May. 3 to May. 9

Also known as the Kwan-yin Fair, March Fair is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Bai Ethnic People in Dali in southwest China's Yunnan province. History And Origin Currentl... Read more

Worship Gathering In The Three Temples

Jun. 9 to Jun. 11

This activity is called Guanshanglan in the Bai language. It is a carnival for the Bai people in Dali to entertain themselves during the slack season for farming. It is also an occasion to welcome t... Read more

Butterfly Festival

Jun. 1 

The Butterfly Festival is a folk entertainment custom among the Bai people and it is popular in the area of Dali, Yunnan. It is held beside Butterfly Spring, which is located at the foot of Nong H... Read more