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Dalian International Fashion Festival

  • Celebrated: Sep. 20 to Sep. 24
  • Location: Dalian

The annual Dalian International Fashion Festival is held in Dalian City, Liaoning Province September 16 to 25. It is one of the most influential international theme events in China. For the past decade, the festival has been attracting the world's top fashion designers, business men and models to Dalian. Arrangement for the show includes various theme activities including the Garment Export Fair, fashion exhibitions, fashion competitions and a model contest. The festival really brings in the crowds, mainly to see the fashion shows and new design releases.

At each of the Fashion Festivals, there is always a grand and attractive opening ceremony and an artistic evening performance at the stadium. Every opening ceremony attracts thousands of mass performers and even more of an audience.

The Dalian International Garment Fair is a major economic trading event and part of the Fashion Festival. Each year, hundreds of traders and enterprises are invited here to conduct business negotiations, the level of exhibition and the volume of business increasing over the past few years. Through joint efforts of organizers and the participation of exhibitors and traders, it has become a well renowned international garment transaction fair.

During the past decade, the festival fullfil its aims to enhance clothing design and promote international exchange and economic development. After a dozen years of cultivation, it has developed into a major event highlighting not only culture and tourism but also economy and trade.