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Dongyue Temple Fair

  • Celebrated: Mar. 31 to May. 7
  • Location: Shandong

As an important part of Taishan Mountain culture, Dongyue Temple Fair is held on 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month each year, during which various activities such as folk custom show, Kung Fu show and commodity exchanging are held.

Dongyue Temple Fair has a long history, which initially took shape in the later Tang dynasty, became prosperous in the Song dynasty and prevailed during the Ming and the Qing dynasties. Dongyue Temple Fair was strictly confined to worshiping God Dongyue during the Tang dynasty, which evolved into a themed festival to celebrate the birth of Taishan Mountain in the Song dynasty. With God Bixia enshrined and worshiped in Dongyue Tempe Fair along with God Dongyue, Dongyue Tempe Fair reached its heyday in the Ming dynasty.

Dongyue Temple is large in scale and has a great influence on Shandong culture, which combines Food, shelter, transportation, travel and shopping with entertainment as one, and it’s a kaleidoscope showing Shandong folk customs from the breath-taking recreation to the rich health preserving methods.
Dongyue Temple Fair has become one of the sources of the Chinese temple fair as well as a stage to show Chinese folk culture over 2,000 years, which is the highlight of your Shandong travel.