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Hainan International Cycling Race

  • Celebrated: Oct. 20 to Oct. 28
  • Location: Haikou

Place: The race starts in Sanya, then goes through 18 counties and cities in Hainan and terminates in Sanya.


Tour of Hainan, successfully held for four years since 2006, has upgraded to a 2.1 HC level, the top in Asia. It is an annual event, taking place at the end of the year. Covering over 1,000 kilometers, the race includes all types of cycle racing, such as plain road, hills, mountains, and time trial events. The entry scales of participating teams is divided into four sessions: UCI professional team, UCI pro-continental team, UCI continental team, and national team.


The 2010 Tour of Hainan was held from the 9th to the 11th of October. The race included eight race legs and one race around the city, for a total course length of 1,488 km. Both the starting point and the ending point of the 2010 Tour of Hainan were set in Sanya. The race route covered 18 cities and counties in Hainan Province, including Sanya, Lingshui, Wanning, Qionghai, Wenchang, Anding, Haikou, Chengmai, Lingao, Tunchang, Qiongzhong, Danzhou, Baisha, Changjiang, Dongfang, Ledong, Wuzhishan, and Baoting. The route for the 2011 Tour of Hainan is yet to be determined.

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