Halloween in China

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Celebrated: Oct.31, 2013 
Halloween is a traditional holiday observed on October 31 in the western world. It is said that Halloween originates from the traditional holiday of Celts in Great Britain. It is the most important day in Celts’ calendar, also called “the day of the dead” or “the ghost day”. Nowadays, people in Europe think of Halloween as the best chance to fool around, tell ghost stories and scare each other. It is not only a time to appreciate the autumn scenery, but also a real time for revelry. Wearing masks is one of the most popular activities during Halloween.
With the frequent culture exchange, more and more people in China have started to enjoy this holiday and turn it into one of annual holidays celebrated. Halloween has been a popular holiday, especially among young people. 
Holiday Activities 
Apart from the tradition activities like Jack-o-lanterns and Trick-or-treat, there are other activities in many cities during the “Halloween season” – from late September to November. For example, in Hong Kong, the Ocean Park and Disneyland would hold a series of activities themed with Halloween. Masquerades, haunted houses, movies and costumed people would give you an exciting experience.
If you are looking forward to celebrate an impressive Halloween in China Mainland, you cannot miss Shanghai. The well-known 1933 Shanghai would hold masquerade every year. Maze-like building, silent gallery bridges and narrow stairs, skulls, pumpkin lamps and bats, all of these elements would box you up in a fascinating dimension called Halloween. Treasure hunting gives you a different adventure. Delicate face painting makes you the centre of attention. Halloween party ignites the passion; the dazzling display of fireworks takes your breath away. Wear the scaring costume, put on the delicate make-up, mask yourself and hide your trace, then start your Halloween journey!
Travel to 1933 SHANGHAI
You are warmly welcome to 1933 at anytime, but very “coolly welcome” to 1933 during Halloween by flight or railway. If you would like to take subway, you can go there by Line 4 or Line 10 to Haikun Road, Exit No.2, and ten minutes walking to 1933. Bus 6, 17, 25, 47, 145 and 220 can also bring you there.

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