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Yuanyang Hani Terraced Fields Festival

The Hani Terraced Fields Festival is held in Yuanyang, in southwest China's Yunnan Province, 200 km from Kunming, the provincial capital. It is a major annual event for the local Hani ethnic minority, who celebrate this occasion in honor of age-old agrarian culture in that mountainous region. Yuanyang is surrounded on all sides by mountains, and therefore the arable land is scarce. To pursue agriculture in this mountainous terrain, the ingenious and resourceful Hani People had no choice but to dig their paddy fields along the mountain slopes. This innovative method is the only way that the otherwise non-productive land of the mountainside could be put into use.

The highlights of the festival are performances performed in the fields. All the actors and actresses are local Hani farmers. They display their farming process by mimicking the spring plowing and autumn harvest. Like the terraced fields in Longsheng, Guangxi Province, Hani Paddy Fields in Yuanyang are a marvel to behold, and represent generations of hard and diligent work by the Hani people. Their terraced paddy fields wind from the bottom of the mountains up to the top, resembling, from a distance, great chains or ribbons as they wind their way around the contours of the mountain slopes in parallel, tiered bands.

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