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Hohhot Festivals

Of Hohhot's festivals and events there is only one that is a popular tourist attraction: the Naadam Grassland Festival, held over three days in July or August. Naadam has many traditional Mongolian sports and recreational activities.

Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia. Our Hohhot tours ensure you see the best of Hohhot and Mongol ethnic culture in that region of China. Come when Naadam is held if you can. Contact us for exact dates.

Hohhot Festivals and Events List

Naadam Grassland Festival Celebrates Centuries of Tradition

Jul. 15 to Jul. 23

The Naadam Grassland Festival is the premier summer event in Inner Mongolia, showcasing the skills and athletic prowess of the Mongol ethnic people. The grassland festival takes place o... Read more