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Hong Kong Festivals

Hong Kong festivals and events include far more than the six shown here. Two of the most popular with tourists are the Chinese New Year International Performance Night, along with the Float Exhibition and fireworks, and the Winter/Christmas Festive Period. Listed below there are also festivals for films, art, literature, and books held in Hong Kong.

If these festivals interest you, you can include them in a Hong Kong tour.

Hong Kong Festivals and Events List

The Hong Kong “Tuen Ng” Dragon Boat Festival


Colorfully decorated dragon boat One of the world's major concentrations of dragon boat races and other Tuen Ng Festival activities is annually in Hong Kong during the Tuen Ng Festival. This yea... Read more

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

Festival dates:  September 8 and 9, 2014 Major events: Lantern Wonderland and Fire Dragon Dance in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay Fire Dragon Dance The Mid-Autumn Festival is th... Read more

Hong Kong International Film Festival

Mar. 23 to Apr. 6

If you love watching new movies or you make movies, this film festival is for you. In 2011, films were screened during the two week long film festival in about 11 locations in Hong Kong, and about h... Read more

Hong Kong Art Festival

Feb. 27 to Mar. 29

Established in 1973 and held annually, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has proved to be a special cultural feast for locals and visitors alike. It has hosted numerous rich and colorful perform... Read more

Hong Kong Horse Racing Season

Jan. 1 to Jul. 6

Location: Hong Kong at the Sha Tin and Happy Valley Courses Many Hong Kong people love the gambling on the horse races. It and betting on rugby is the only form of gambling that is legal in the r... Read more

Hong Kong and Macau Chinese New Year's Eve Flower Markets 2015

Feb. 18 

Peonies are for prosperity In both Hong Kong and Macau, a major tradition for Chinese New Year’s Day is giving flowers, potted plants, and bouquets as gifts. A lot of significance is attached to ... Read more

Chinese New Year International Performance Night 2015

Feb. 19 

There is a big International Chinese New Year's Parade in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui on February 19, 2015. It is meant to be an international festival for the whole world with international perf... Read more

Chinese New Year Firework Performance

Feb. 20 

Hong Kong Chinese New Year fireworks The Chinese New Year fireworks for 2015 are a big event in Hong Kong. The fireworks are exploded on the second day of the three day Spring Festival holidays.... Read more

Hong Kong Winter Festival


The night view of Hong Kong in Hong Kong Winter Festival. Sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Administration, Hong Kong Winter Festival is held to attract overseas visitors and locals alike each... Read more

Hong Kong Shopping Festival

Dec. 25 to Dec. 28

Shopping in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a "paradise for shoppers." You can find everything you could possibly need and even things you don't need! It doesn't take long to figure out that it is not onl... Read more

Hong Kong Book Fair

Jul. 15 to Jul. 21

The Hong Kong Book Fair (香港書展) is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council annually in July to promote local reading culture. The theme this year is “Reading the World — Reading for a ... Read more

Christmas in Hong Kong


Big display at New Town Plaza Mall in Shatin Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to go for a festive Christmas atmosphere. There is a two-day public holiday, and there is usually d... Read more