Huqiu Temple Fair

  • Celebrated: Sep.
  • Location: Suzhou

The Huqiu Temple Fair is a large folk activity in Suzhou that gathers folk art performances, handcraft displays, snacks, and exhibitions. It has been celebrated for 20 years before 2012.

The fair's purpose is to "carry forward the Chinese folk culture and re-present the traditional temple fair". During the temple fair two temple shows are held every day on Qianren Rock. Qianren Rock is a huge stone with a plain surface on which thousands of people can stand.

During the shows performances like folk arts, folk stunts, vaudeville, wrestling, and the south dance are given in celebration of the harvest season. Some enjoyable participatory activities are arranged in the tourist spot. Snack streets are also set up in the tourist spot. Tourists can taste authentic Suzhou-flavor snacks there.

Ticket Prices

Adult: 60 RMB

Children: free for those under 1.2 meters,  30 RMB if 1.2–1.5 meters tall, and 60 RMB if over 1.5 meters.

Seniors (over 60): free


Tourists can reach Huqiu scenic area by:

  • Tourism bus line 1 from Suzhou Railway Station
  • Tourism bus line 2 from Port of Suzhou
  • Bus 8 from Suzhou University
  • Bus 146 from Dusuhu Stadium独墅湖体育馆
  • Bus 32 from Lu'oushang路欧尚
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