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Jindian Temple Fair

  • Celebrated: Jan. 29 to Feb. 14
  • Location: Kunming
Traditional Jindian Temple Fair is held in Jindian Park from the 8th day of the first month of lunar calendar to the 10th day. Pilgrims will be al over the Mingfeng Mountain. Local snacks of Kunming, such as Shaoerkuai (baked cake made of boiled rice), Guanguan Rice Noodle (rice noodle cooked in small jars), Zhuazhuafen (a sweet cold food for summer) and Rose Miliangxia (rice milk in a shrimp’s shape with rose sugar) etc, can be found everywhere on the mountain. Also from the foot of the mountain to the top are all kinds of special local products. It is as bustling as many other temple fairs in other places. There will be all kinds of special local products and food in the fair. Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful flowers in the park, various entertainment activities and a large mass artistic performance etc.